Amul entered the market with the goal of providing dairy products to consumers at affordable prices at a time when the Indian dairy industry was highly unorganized and lacked a national competitor. Key Words: AMUL, Strategies… The brand had a big task at hand – to make quality food and products accessible for every Indian, and the company went all guns blazing to achieve this mission. Marketing strategy of Amul covers various aspects of the business right from segmentation and targeting to the overall mission and vision of the company and the various parameters which the company executes to become the top brand that it has in the market. AMUL is one brand which is sticking on to the old school way of brand strategy. Amul had maintained its strategy of providing its products to consumers at reasonable prices, which kept Amul … However, in the case of Amul, when Amul … Amul’s variety of products catered to a large audience. The product connect achieved through a planned brand strategy … Amul brand is worth $3.2 billion as per the 2013 brand equity report. A Brief History •Amul the co-operative registered on 1 December 1946 as a response to … Marketing Strategy Of Amul Butter 3523 Words | 15 Pages. Brand’s Tagline – The Taste of India wasn’t just a corporate positioning or an advertising jargon, it was a commitment that the brand made to its customers. The second aspect of Amul's marketing strategy was Amul’s product portfolio. Because of the excellent products, the top of the mind positioning, the fantastic distribution and supply chain channels and finally the point of purchase branding and advertising of the Amul girl, Amul finds itself in a very strong position where its brand equity is concerned. Brand equity in the Marketing strategy of Amul. Introduction 3 SWOT analysis for “Amul Butter” 5 PEST Analysis 8 Porter’s 5 Force Model for AMUL Butter 9 Market Research through Survey 12 Findings from the survey analysis 16 Positioning Strategy 18 Recommendations 19 References 19 Executive Summary Introduction Amul … Amul marketing strategy 1. The Brand: As they promote all their products under one common brand name – Amul, it allows to gain more brand visibility and results in lesser marketing and advertising costs. Amul has a strategy of low cost pricing.Some may call it penetrative pricing.But penetrative pricing strategy is used when the market has a high level of competition and a player wants to establish itself in the market by giving low prices. Their main target audience was … They develop simplistic content and campaign; which would lead mass appeal. Presented by: B.Naresh AFB-2012/14004 K.Rajkumar AFB-2012/14013 2. While certain brands such as London diary, Baskin Robbins, etc., managed to capture few regional (ice cream) markets where they cater to high-end customers, Amul secured their standing in the overall dairy market. Price in the marketing mix of Amul . Amul’s marketing strategy and Interesting Reasons behind its Success. Understanding the Marketing Strategy of Amul.