Overall, this whole scene makes the idea of Bernd and Claudia having sex in the future a very uncomfortable prospect. It’s only in season two that his relationship to her is explained, and only in the season three finale that we understand just how big of a role Tannhaus played in the entire creation of the two mirror worlds. The labyrinth Lunar/annual cycles "Sacrifice" of men/women to the Minotaur The red string Mino Tauros is the publisher of H.G. Another odd but probably meaningful connection to “Faust” is the poodle Claudia loses in 1953 and then finds again in 1986. Martha never wears this outfit in any of the world two scenes, which means it’s likely a crossover vision from Jonas’ world. "It is the final cycle of this great journey," Odar wrote on Instagram in May 2019. He's selling you the illusion of freedom. Raider was the name used for Twix candy bars in Germany up until the year 1991, as the official "Dark" website explains. The show alludes to the mythology on several levels, and makes this connection clear through the school play that Martha acts in. Eliva is an avid TV watcher. In Martha's world, the scar is on the left. This right here forms a solid foundation of the Netflix German series 'Dark'. The next day is when Jonas’ father died by suicide, and their tragic cycles began. Claudia, who looks to be around 13 or 14 years old, is tutoring Bernd's son Helge. In the full panning shot of the artwork, a man and woman blow from either end of the pages towards the three worlds. More on Adam/Jonas in a bit, but first let's explore what we know about Noah now that the second season is complete. Claudia tells Jonas he must wage war against Adam, and together they head back into the caves. She helps him navigate back out of the maze by giving him a ball of thread. But that's wrong. She is given the responsibility of protecting the labyrinth on Crete where ritual sacrifices are performed and which houses a Minotaur in its center. Hannah’s future daughter Silja became a time traveller too, and went back to 1890. Hannah took the gun and kept it until Stranger-Jonas used it to force Martha into the bunker in the season two finale. When Hannah first traveled back to the 1950s, she met Egon and told him her name was Katharina Nielsen. While there, Hannah met young Helene, and told her her name was Katharina. “Laocoön and His Sons” is a very famous sculpture currently on display at the Vatican Museum in Rome. 1888 Moreover, Gustav Tannhaus' father Heinrich established “Sic Mundus”, a society of time travellers in Winden. Overall, this whole scene makes the idea of Bernd and Claudia having sex in the future a very uncomfortable prospect. But season two revealed that Noah was a believer in a larger prophecy and a leader named Adam (who's really an older and disfigured Jonas). First Appearance "Is this the apocalypse?" After the power goes out, the six characters at the dinner party have a discussion that almost perfectly mirrors a season one scene. Nothing is complete without a third dimension. Tannhaus and Stranger-Jonas discuss the importance of the number 33 and how that the age at which the Antichrist’s reign begins. Change Netflix brightness. Martha and Jonas are both associated with the Greek myth of Ariadne, particularly on the entire first season when  Martha literally plays Ariadne for a school production. It wasn't until the season two finale that we watched as Adam shot Martha, and she died in the younger Jonas' arms in the exact place in the dining room. "Claudia and the myth of Ariadne and the Labyrinth Throughout this first season of "Dark," the myth of Ariadne is mentioned or alluded to several times. “When I found you, now, that was a sign. Yours ends here and now.". Sometime after 1813, when Charlotte died, Heinrich Tannhaus was encumbered with grief. In Martha’s world, the scar is on the left. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. (The real reason he was late was because he was having morning-sex with Hannah.). When Hannah first travelled back to the 1950s, she met Egon and told him her name was Katharina Nielsen.