Saltwater Identification Chart #5 Contains: 64 Saltwater Fish of the Atlantic Ocean, Bahamas, Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. 60 different fish identified double sided, laminated, 19 x 26 inches Fish Identification chart. Family: Scaridae Parrotfishes (See list of species below) Select Class: They mainly feed on plankton and smaller fish. This list may not reflect recent changes . Just beneath the twinkling, satin surface of the Caribbean, you find schools of fish of a thousand different shapes and colors.The surprising variety of finned friends is one of the reasons people get hooked on scuba diving. Plus Common & Latin Name, Average Weights, and Food Quality, 64 Beautiful Color Illustrations. The average size Great Hammerhead shark is … Also has an area that teachs you how to clean and gut a fish. Posted in Atlantic ocean fish, fish to be identified, odd sea creature by fishidentification on July 24, 2009 Odd sea creatures from around the world. Great Hammerhead Shark. Atlantic ocean is the second-largest ocean covering 106,4 squares million kilometers with costline of 111,000 kilometers and it means that recover about one-fifth of the earth’s surface. Tagged with: atlantic , bait , fish id , fish identification , florida , fort pierce , ocean , odd sea creature , river , what is it Atlantic Ocean - Atlantic Ocean - Fisheries: The Atlantic’s major fishing grounds—representing more than half the world’s total—long were the most productive and most heavily utilized of all the oceans. Fish of the East Atlantic‎ (2 C, 61 P) Fish of the North Atlantic‎ (2 C, 32 P) Fish of the Western Atlantic‎ (1 C, 126 P) Pages in category "Fish of the Atlantic Ocean" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 435 total. Fish Identification: Find Species. Alewife, American Shad, Blueback Herring and Hickory Shad illustrations ©Duane Raver; Atlantic Herring illustration ©Victor Young/NH. For some time, many Atlantic species have been intensively fished, and some key populations are thought to be at or near collapse. Only $2.99 Shows you what fish you just caught. Fish and Game Department; Gizzard Shad illustration courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department ©2012. Whale Sharks can live up to 100 years. Explains the structure of the fish and special quailfications of a fish. 8. To identify some of the most common and interesting reef fish in the Caribbean, Florida, and the Western Atlantic, look for their distinctive characteristics. 11 Sharks Found iIn The Atlantic Ocean › Lifestyle.