In this article, we’ll guide you through what to look for in a great sour beer and list our 10 favorites. They’ve won multiple awards and have stood their ground in the increasingly crowded California craft beer industry. With a citrus lemonade and salty aroma, it resembles a Margarita. They make some of the best Belgian-style beer brewed in the U.S., focusing on rustic flavors, funk, and acidity. “With an experimental spirit and a deep respect for the history and science of fermentation, Grimm Artisanal Ales, put out a dizzying array of sour and wild ales,” says John Avelluto, the owner of the Owl’s Head, a beer and wine bar in Brooklyn. I haven’t had anything from them that I didn’t like. The beer is a combination between the young 8-month old beer, and the beer that has been maturing for a year and a half. Berliner Weisse is a style that almost died during the rise of lager beer. 5. Their beers are some of the most sought after in the craft beer world. Bottoms up and pucker up, fellow sour … Sierra Nevada has breweries in California and North Carolina. Pouring out leathery reddish-brown, Kriek forms a quickly vanishing pinkish head. It begins life as a standard-issue hazy IPA, full of the tropical Citra and orangey Amarillo hops. Can Can Cerise from Westbrook was a unique American Wild Ale. American brewers have created a mix of historic and modern interpretations to make completely new sour beer styles. Sour, funky, hoppy, complex – Juicy by Hill Farmstead ticks many boxes. Instead, you get a mouthful of lightly carbonated lemon, grass, and pineapple notes. They’re often categorized as instruments of palate destruction, all intense pucker, no subtle pleasure. Sours are gaining popularity in the world of craft beer. Where they shine, though, is in their sour beer program. A great starting point for a tour of Berliner-style weisses. Acidic and funky, 3 Fonteinen has crafted the quintessential gueuze. But perhaps the tartest, refreshing style of beer is the sour beer. SPON blends 1, 2, and 3 year old 100% spontaneously fermented and barrel aged beer. There is rarely a more pleasant or fun group brewing beer. A pale, sour beer that originates from Germany. The result is an elegantly funky sipper with fine fizz and fruity verve, versatile enough for the dinner table and “just sipping on a hot summer day.”. Casey only uses whole fruit in their beers – no flavourings, purees, or frozen fruit. It can be tricky, and expensive, getting hold of them in this country so we’ve summoned Denver’s Crooked Stave to represent the country’s sour output. Like other Flanders, it is a combination of 75% young beer, and 25% mature beer that is aged in large wooden vats for two years. Infused with cherry and elderberries, this easy-drinking Flanders Red is another Belgium style sour, but brewed in Nevada. Recently there has been a return to the wild side and contemporary breweries are keen to get their hands on these less predictable yeasts, either by leaving their brews open to the surrounding atmosphere, harvesting them from fruits or other local sources, or by using wild strains such as brettanomyces or the lactobacillus bacteria that have been tamed and supplied ready for use. This saison has a great balance of flavors, a refreshing carbonation, and a clean, dry finish. Most beers that claim bacon flavor really just come off as heavy-handed liquid smoke. It pours a light clear straw color and has a decent off-white foam head with minimal lacing, with the subtle aroma of cucumber. Here’s everything you need to know, including what to buy. The new name honors the age-old tradition of lambic brewing without claiming to be a Belgian product. Your email address will not be published. If you’re looking for less intensity, try the Rodenbach Classic. Gose. The balance of flavors in a good gose can be extremely refreshing. Meanwhile, the wild flavours – often described as “funk” and including notes of cheese and barnyard (but in a good way) – loiter in the background adding layers of interest to the central tart cherry characteristics. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. The Otra Vez Cactus and Grapefruit is a light gold Gose-style beer with a lemony scent that makes your nose tingle. Although there are many good sour beers being brewed all over the world, far more than we can test ourselves, we have made a list of 14 popular sour beers that we recommend you try. Another brewery that is doing amazing things in the realm of sour beers is Upland Brewing, from Bloomington, Indiana. If you are a sour fan, these wild and funky qualities are what keep you coming back. Birrificio Del Ducato, Chrysopolis, 5%: £7.49 for 330ml, Honest Brew. His favorite is the Brooklyn brewery’s annual Color Field, a Berliner Weisse flavored with rose hips, chamomile, and hibiscus. A complex, modern and very sour wild ale. These funky, tart and tangy creations can be very refreshing and are always exciting. No matter if you favor wine or cocktails, there’s a sour ale that’ll deliver both pucker and pleasure. Strong and funky, typically a high ABV. It is brewed with lime juice, black lime, and sea salt to give this beer its signature taste. There is also a hint of wood. This particular beer is brewed with coriander and salt and has won many beer awards. The pour is a hazy golden yellow color with a 1″ white foam head that quickly fades away, leaving a thin ring, with very little lacing left behind. Hill Farmstead brings to life a truly amazing sour ale that is refreshing, thought-provoking and – yes – juicy. Belgian lambic beers, like gueuze, can be aged for 5 or 10 years. This one comes off as very tart and sour. It’s not a quality you would immediately expect from a beer with an ABV of almost 6%. I have been obsessed with finding the best beers on earth for a long time. It’s usually around 5-6% ABV, slightly hazy, and very delicious. Promise. Over time, the yeast and bacteria in the beer will continue fermenting. "Sour Beer 101" at Where The Wild Beers AreWatch this video on YouTube. Today, sours are making an emergence as a popular style on the craft beer scene. It is essentially a German hybrid, consisting of a Berliner Wiess, Kolsch, and a Gose, which is all fermented together as a trio. 10 best sour beers. Over time, the yeast and bacteria in the beer will continue fermenting. Overall, this is a fantastic Berliner with just the right amount of funky tartness. A geuze (otherwise spelt as “gueuze”) is a blend of Lambic beers, combining young batches with their older neighbours to kick start fermentation and provide a soft, foamy, Champagne-esque sparkle. Jester King is a farmhouse brewery from just outside Austin, Texas. You get a good dose of bacterial funk that you want in a sour as well as great flavors of red wine, oak, fruit, spice, and bready malts. By Dorian. Pediococcus, along with other lactic acid bacteria is used during fermentation and usually considered undesirable in beer and wine, but it is often used in a Berliner Wiesse or Lambic. Berliner Wiesse is a German-style sour wheat beer that has a much lower alcohol content and higher carbonation than other sours.