In case you need something to neutralize the depression, here's a happy one. This was the one thing that really got me on this subreddit. The newspaper syndicates all rejected this early strip, and the present Spiff was finally born as one of the many imaginary alter egos of Calvin when the Calvin and Hobbes strip began. Hobbes' first appearance was on November 18, 1985, where Hobbes was portrayed hanging upside-down from a tree after falling for a tuna sandwich-baited trap laid out by his close friend and co-star of the strip, Calvin. … I haven’t posted much. "[citation needed] As his work matured, Watterson brought the Spiff saga in line with his principle that "Things are funnier when they're specific, rather than generalized,"[citation needed] basing his alien landscapes on the rock formations of southern Utah, as well as the landscapes within the comic Krazy Kat. He was sent to his room, where he placed a bucket filled with water on top of his door, waiting for his dad to come in and thereby be soaked. Since I was about 15 or so, I have seen a black dog similar looking to my grandparent's dog from childhood named Cheeshai. The tiger of the night crawled its way to its victim's bed. Travel to the future, where Calvin and Hobbes meet up again. He was sent to the dungeon, where he set a trap for the Naggon King. Generally, Calvin would be playing with Hobbes when Susie walks over and asks them to play "House". He discovered a bat-webbed booger being, and fired his ray gun. This one always makes me happy! He sat up and yawned. Galvin P. Chow first introduced an extensive theory that mapped out how "Ed Norton is playing the part of grown-up Calvin," and it's pretty mind-blowing.It begins with the classic comic book, in which Calvin creates an imaginary friend out of his stuffed animal, but by the time he reaches seventh grade, the boy is forced to face reality and "un-imagine" Hobbes. A long arm reached out from under the bed sheets and blanket to turn the alarm off. Watterson first conceived an earlier version of Spiff when he was taking a high school German class, producing a two-page, short-lived comic titled "Raumfahrer Rolf". He was the tiger of the night, the heir to this rich turf. Since first being syndicated on November 18, 1985, Calvin and Hobbes went on to become a classic loved around the world by countless fans of all ages. Early in the strip's career, the alien planets Watterson invented were, in his words, "rather generic. Fan-made, but still this is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen: On a lighter note, here are 25 awesome (real) Calvin and Hobbes strips. In reality, Calvin was kicked out of the house, and he saw Susie. He, like Spaceman Spiff, talks in third person. Gradually, the monsters became more detailed. I promised I wouldn't grow up and that we'd be together forever!!" Then, Hobbes and Andy come up and Hobbes pounces on Calvin. By: darkblinds. Hobbes stroke the Calvin's hair, or what little was left of it. How could he not know his own territory? USA: Scholastic, INC.. ISBN 0-590-44164-7. The real-life equivalent of these fantasy weapons often turned out to be Calvin's dart gun, water pistol, rubber bands, spitballs, or snowballs, explaining their ineffectiveness. When I finally went in to get diagnosed, I was prescribed medication. Follow/Fav An Alternate Ending of the Future. Daunted by the negative reaction from the fans after the first strip based on this story, Breathed decided not to continue with the story, and began a new storyline by introducing a Penguin who watched the 'Mister Rogers' Show - an idea which sat much better with Bloom County readers. Under these circumstances, the strips blend fantasy and fiction as Calvin morphs elements in the "real world" with his fantasies, and the reader is taken along for the ride. Later on, the name was changed to the simpler Death Ray Blaster, or Death Ray Zorcher. Even now it resonates and attracts new fans, such was the power of Bill Watterson’s story of innocence and wonder. In the original strip, Calvin joyfully anticipated going in the washing machine; the syndicate may have been afraid that young readers would imitate him and injure themselves. Watterson, Bill (September 1990) (in English). What is that stuffed animal's name? What is Calvin listening to? This Calvin and Hobbes comic is drawing ties to Nagel’s theory of the absurd. He lifted his paw and a claw flipped out, ready to make the kill. The vocabulary, and Spiff's array of high-tech gadgetry, offered a caricature of the "science" found in many science fiction books and TV series. Since all the Spiff adventures have a lone protagonist playing with reality, they are close to the early work of Philip K. Dick and that of other writers who have featured lone individuals going to the edge of their perceived world. One of the things I hate the most about my medications were that they killed off the one coping mechanism I had for dealing with the shit that keeps me awake at night. He talks in third person in all but three strips. The original strip is actually the first to feature Hobbes in the washing machine. What was this sound? Hobbes is also among the imaginary friends shown here . "You grew up old buddy." Five years later, Calvin rocketed into his adventures as Spaceman Spiff, which Breathed says 'was just how the comic universe was meant to be'. Spiff's other weapons include Demise-O-Bombs (water balloons) a Zorcher (his water gun) at least one Hydro Bomb (a jar or glass filled with water) and one Stun Blaster (a rock). I don't know if it was the meds, or just therapy, in general, telling me that the things I saw were never there, but shortly after, I started seeing the same black dog on the side of the road where ever I was driving. The strip as it appeared in publications. Hobbes,come on, think! The character of Stupendous Man first appeared in the strip dated October 30, 1987, in which Calvin, sitting at the top of the playground slide, imagines himself as a superhero ready to leap from a tall building. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HorriblyDepressing community, Continue browsing in r/HorriblyDepressing. The day after Calvin and Hobbes ended its run, Paige complains, "There's no Calvin in the comics." The one that looks like a tiger and is all worn down? I still see some horrifying things from time to time, but my dog hasn't come back to save me from them. This wasn't the original ending of Calvin and Hobbes, this was, a lot less sad I guess. Calvin: Wow, it really snowed last night! Travel to the future, where Calvin and Hobbes meet up again. In the Introduction to Opus: 25 Years of His Sunday Best, fellow comic strip artist Berke Breathed noted that in 1981, he had begun a storyline for his character Milo Bloom in Bloom County, which he described as 'a little blond-haired boy with an over-tweaked imagination working out his real-life anxieties and passions via space hero fantasies'; had it continued, it would have featured 'Dukakis and Donald Trump aliens'. (although most of the time, he does so quite reluctantly).By th… Stupendous Man has several nemeses: Mom Lady (Calvin's Mom), Babysitter Girl (Rosalyn), Annoying Girl (Susie Derkins), and the Crab Teacher (Miss Wormwood). The original strip for November 28, 1985, as it appeared in half of the newspapers. There was little resemblance to the Calvin-Spiff character: The early Spiff was a "diminutive loudmouth" with a Charlie Chaplin moustache who explored space in a dirigible with his sidekick Fargle. And who is this big guy? Horribly depressing. On November 28, 1985, only half of the syndicated newspapers published the original comic; the rest got an alternate strip. And who is this big guy? This is all, of course, very painful for Calvin, so much so that he represses it all in shame. In one strip, Stupendous Man had a battlecry, in which every letter that makes up the word stupendous, stood for something--a parody of Captain Marvel's magic word, "Shazam." C'mon Calvin, you have to remember. By stepping back, you are reminded that the universe will eventually end leaving it to question whether your life or life in general is meaningful. His theory says that we all take life seriously but when we take a step back, we realize how insignificant it is. Spiff tossed a Demise-O-Bomb, and prepared another, only to be caught by the Naggon.