If the soldier is not hospitalized, unit commander is the approval authority (AR 600-8-10 para 5–5). Important Extended Convalescent Leave Notes: 1.) One of the biggest leave problems, Lock said, is getting Soldiers to take their leave. h��Xmo�6�+����,ɖ,E�&]� }��(���(�1��پb��#e�'�|�\Z��(��BQ"�:�Iƙ�R&�hƴL�*&�ɀ�Lh�#9F#c�T�X&u��R������f�(�R� `R�q�L�2�A�R,S��Y���*�*`嚽|���;o�>�-�%(��Vm��7-��c��\m��o.���������9���ՎJ��STI�&b���OЄM���z������ꭌ���]vGw����P;v��]i3r3�^����Uqr�T7Gxے����B. The leave policy associated with childbirth can be somewhat confusing, and the revised regulation helps Soldiers navigate through the different leaves, Lock said. Leaves and Passes *Army Regulation 600–8–10 Effective 15 March 2006 History. Getting the Army in line with the rest of the services, the directive’s language no longer automatically assumes that postpartum mothers are primary caregivers, while more than doubling the amount of time off previously allowed for new fathers. This period is extended to 42 days following pregnancy and childbirth. Mothers will now be granted six weeks of convalescent leave directly after giving birth and can be granted another six weeks of leave as primary caregiver to bond with their infant anytime up to a year after birth. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Rules to use convalescent leave Convalescent leave is a nonchargeable absence from duty granted to expedite a soldier’s return to full duty after illness, injury, or childbirth. Convalescent leave and caregiver leave cannot be used to extend terminal leave when a soldier is preparing to leave the Army. General Officer Command (GOCOM) will compile the following documents and send to MNHF-AGR. 5. If the Soldier has limitations or restrictions to duty performance, a temporary profile is written and the Soldier is managed through eCase. By continuing to browse this website, you declare to accept the use of cookies. All Rights Reserved. As Non Commissioned Officers, it is our responsibility to counsel our Soldiers on a monthly basis and when they fail to follow instructions. Posted by u/[deleted] 4 years ago. The unit commander is the approval authority for up to 30 days convalescent leave (42 days after normal pregnancy and childbirth) for a soldier returning to duty after illness or injury. In the case of a legal adoption, soldiers will have to be designated a primary or secondary caregiver, and then request six or three weeks of leave accordingly. endstream endobj 597 0 obj <>stream An annual leave is charged against a Soldier’s leave account and a convalescent leave is not, because it is part of the treatment prescribed. Last updated in 1993, the time to update the leave form had come, he said, especially with so many changes to the regulation. Soldiers are authorized 42 days after pregnancy and childbirth and, Soldiers granted convalescent leave for illness or injury incurred in the line of duty while eligible to receive hostile fire and imminent danger pay under 37 USC 310 are entitled to funded travel and transportation under 37 USC 411a. Copyright © 2015-2020 Fort Gordon Globe. If a unit knows that a Soldiers will need an extended convalescent leave period in excess of thirty days, then the unit must begin coordination with the AGR Medical NCO immediately and NLT than two weeks into the initial thirty day convalescent leave period. 4.) E. Enlisted members performing permanent change of station (PCS) travel o Rescinds Army Directive 2013 – But not without a fight, some women say. Sign up for the Army Times Daily News Roundup to receive the top Army stories every afternoon. Here’s your chance. b. Secondary Caregiver Leave: limited to 21 days of non-chargeable leave for covered Soldiers who are designated as secondary caregivers and must be taken within 1 year of qualifying birth event or adoption (may betaken in conjunction with maternity convalescent leave and/or approved chargeable ordinary leave).