Melt butter in skillet. Beef stroganoff has a reputation for being heavy. This version uses light sour cream, which works just as well as full-fat sour cream. Coat pan with cooking spray. Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. ... Full ingredient & nutrition information of the Ground Beef Stroganoff Skillet Calories. You can eat stroganoff over rice, noodles, or cabbage. This recipe is a simple, filling, and satisfying way of using ground beef. The blog. Less expensive cuts of beef such as sirloin or flank steak will also work. Combine beef strips, 2 tablespoons flour, salt and pepper in a plastic bag. Top cooking light stroganoff recipes and other great tasting recipes with a healthy slant from Stir in the ground beef for about 1 more minute. Very Good 4.6/5 (5 ratings) Beef Stroganoff - Low carb. Step 5. 4. Then add the ground beef and cook till browned. Step 6. Add the beef strips, half at a time if necessary to prevent crowding. Add beef to pan; sauté 2 minutes or until lightly browned. Delicious Ground Beef Stroganoff is a budget-friendly weeknight dinner, that can be made in just 30 minutes. Remove beef from pan; … Assemble the pressure lid, making sure the pressure release valve is in the SEAL position. Serve over the cooked rice with a salad. Stir in the cream, and turn off the heat. Shake well to lightly coat beef. Using a nonstick skillet allows you to use less fat in the cooking process. What to Serve with Stroganoff . In fact, I’ve even seen it eaten over mashed potatoes!Hello, that would be so yum! 3. Step 4. The recipe starts with a rich beef gravy (with no cream of mushroom soup) that coats the ground beef and egg noddles to create the most delicious dinner. 5. Mix in the flour and cook for 2-3 minutes while stirring. Cut beef diagonally across the grain into 1/4-inch-wide strips; cut the strips into 2-inch pieces. Pork, turkey or chicken may be substituted for the beef. Select PRESSURE and set to HI. Remove when deep brown. I often get asked what goes under the hamburger stroganoff ground beef gravy. Gently stir in the noodles. The key here is to drain the ground beef, to eliminate as much of the excess fat as possible. Brown on both sides, about 2 minutes per side over medium heat. Mix in the beef stock, mushroom soup, salt, and pepper. Step 3.