This peppermint tea also contains good amounts of potassium, calcium and vitamin B, all useful to fight a cold or flu as well. Shop carefully. Have a pinch of hing or asafetida daily to keep many diseases away, slow down the onset and risk of heart disease, ginger tea provides you 11 amazing health benefits. So great that you have found some teas that help you so much! Just like a cup of coffee, black, green or white tea can stimulate you into wakefulness. Included is cancer of the liver, colon, breast, bladder, pancreas, stomach and prostate. I like drinking tea but I've never drank it to help myself go to sleep. And, let’s not forget it does some good to freshen your breath! Drinking a cup of green tea at night can help keep your dental hygiene up to par. Great! I have a "sleepy time" tea every night. Is that large cup of creamy, sugary black tea really going to help your body feel better? It is so worth taking steps to get our sleep, though. Let me know how it turns out! I recently started drinking Dandelion Root tea at night so I was delighted to read you post. Will make a note of these. 2. Thanks for coming by and taking the time to comment. Didn’t I just say that green tea contains caffeine? Steep herbal teas in a covered vessel or put a plate over your mug. Thanks for the info. Green tea is well-known for the many antioxidants it contains. Something that you should look out for, however, is not drinking green tea on an empty stomach. Like most herbal teas, rooibos contains almost no caffeine and therefore is an excellent choice to drink before bed. If you don’t have dried peppermint on hand, you can even make your own peppermint tea from scratch by simply adding fresh peppermint leaves to hot water. I love green tea, I drink cranberry tea when my kidneys feel under strain and I love peppermint if my tummy is sore. Travis wonderful right before bed. I LOVE LOVE LOVE tea before bed…my mom always had hot tea in the AM and right before bed…I've fallen in love with coffee but still love my bedtime tea when restless. According to a study done at Harvard University can significantly lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. It is excellent for relieving tension. Drinking just one cup of hot lavender infused water in the evening can help reduce anxiety and ease the tension in your body. Nice idea. Hot chocolate can be a nice one too, Rebecca, but the caffeine in chocolate could bother some. This is what your body is trying to tell you. Alternatively, you can also try these 5 healthy juice recipes to lose weight. I love drinking tea but don't do it as much as I should. Purchase high-quality ingredients and brands as always show care to what you put in your body. No wonder why our parents and grandparents used to drink so much tea! Well, here’s a little fact that you may not be aware of. If you suffer from anxiety or stress related aches you should seriously consider adding some peppermint tea to your arsenal. I will have to look into more herbal tea, this is a great resource! Purchase high-quality ingredients and brands as always show care to what you put in your body. I try not to drink too much before bed, so I am not up in the middle of the night, but I sometimes have a peppermint tea to help with digestion. Just a word of warning, Valerian has been known to become addictive when used over long periods of time. Here are 10 ways to change your food habits and prevent cancer! Shop carefully. Tea can potentially improve the blood flow in the body, by widening arteries and reducing the risk of clots. Used since medieval times as a cure for insomnia, Valerian can also be used as a herbal infusion for a relaxing bedtime drink. While there is some evidence that the body is better able to absorb nutrients during sleep, the difference is likely negligible. It will not only help you to drift off to sleep but will also boost your immune system and help you to wake up feeling healthy and refreshed. Squeeze all you can out of a nighttime tea bag ritual and do some detoxification at the same time! It can make you fit and it can make your body as strong as it will be. Don’t miss this:  Another great way I use mint. Consuming green tea on an empty stomach has also been linked to reduced absorption of vitamin B1, iron and calcium. That is true. Thanks for stopping in and sharing. Visiting from Fridays Blog Booster. It can be relaxing, Jill.