Science Power; Provide 200 Data Discs to the Research Center. They’re used in different ways and can help you build better items. Once you have them, you have the choice of either handing them over to the Research Center or to the Church Store in exchange for different things. My Time at Portia Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. They cannot be tracked through the relic scanner, but may sometimes be bundled inside boxes with other relics. 2) You use disks for special agriculture items from the church, do prioritize enough disks for that. Unlocked with 17 Friends and 15 Buddies. You start with these two, and they make the first machines you need. Data Discs can be traded at the Research Center Exchange for various items: Research Notes, data chips, assembly diagrams. Check out a few of our other guides to help you get started: Question: How do you get data discs and use them in My Time at Portia? Friends Everywhere Everyone likes you! You pretty much have a choice between giving them to the Church Store or the Research Center, and these will give you different things. Here’s how to get your hands on some data discs in … Data discs are found in the Abandoned Mines in the game, and can either be found randomly whilst mining there, or sometimes bundled in with relics when you discover those. They can also be exchanged at the Research Center for blueprints to help build devices to help you out. Recovering two or three piece relic requires 1 Data Disc, recovering four piece relic requires 2 Data Discs, and most of the five piece relics require 3 Data Discs to be recovered. Or you can have the research centre look at Data Discs you’ll find in the ruins to see if there are blueprints on there. The building life isn’t an easy one, especially since there’s so much work to get done. In a day or two you will get new blueprints in your mailbox. Data Disc can be given as a gift to other characters. They are also used for trading and gifting. However, the Recovery Machine reward from donating 10 items to the Portia Museum does not consume discs. All Discussions ... Min/Max your data disk supply: 1) Certain missions will always want something from the research center, so always reserve 10 disks for surprises. Data Disc is a special relic item used for discovering new assembly diagrams in the Research Center or during missions, and also for trading and gifting. These discs hold some valuable info that’s pretty useless on its own. You will get them from the research centre in town when you have a special assigment. ResearchRestoring RelicsExchanging Giving them your discs is the only way to unlock blueprints for the civil furnace, advanced skiver, comprehensive grinder, and other upgrades for building devices. Data Discs can also occasionally be found by breaking wooden crates in the Hazardous Ruins and in Amber Island's Cave. They are also used to obtain the diagrams over the course of a number of main and secondary missions. And the best way to get a lot of Data Discs quickly is by mining. The diagrams are received in random order, and what the player receives in the mail can neither be predicted nor changed by reloading the day that the player receives a diagram. The old world use it to record large amounts of data, most of the data have been corrupted, but the Research Center might be able to get something useful out of it. Data Disc are also used by the Recovery Machine in the Research Center to form relics out of relic pieces. Sharp Shooter; Finish with a 90% or above accuracy rate in the Balloons mini-game. It can be given to Petra at the Research Center, who can then research new technologies for the player character. When you surrender data discs over to the Church Store, they’ll give you some valuable seeds and other farming materials in My Time at Portia. If you’re running low on  discs, you can get more over in the Abandoned Ruins through mining. They’re used in different ways and can help you build better items. A&G Construction StoreAlice's Flower ShopBest BrotherClothing StoreDr. Data Discs can be traded to the Church Store for unique farming items. These include blueprints for building a boombox and Dee-dee stops in My Time at Portia. Sell Locations Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Xu's ClinicFarm StoreFood StoreMartha's BakeryTotal Tools Sell Price Provide 100 Data Discs to the Church of the Light. In all, you will need about 240 Data Discs (excluding any you give her to speed up research). Complete the new Portia Harbor. Data Discs are often used in missions, required to be given to Petra in Portia 's Research Center for new blueprints. Answer: Data discs can be obtained by mining them in the Abandoned Ruins. That’s pretty much everything you need to know about how to get data discs and what they’re used for in My Time at Portia. Harbor Trade Station also offers several assembly diagrams to exchange for Data Discs. Since the patch dropped I decided to restart from the beginning to take in the new content as it is supposed to be encountered. If you’re taking the farming route, you’ll probably want to save a few discs and hand them over when you can. That said, the Research Center does offer some better rewards by granting you blueprints to create more tools. Data Discs can be given to Petra when she is inside the Research Center to obtain new assembly diagrams. When I try to give Petra data discs, she says "thanks and here's some research notes, use them on your factory to gain attributes for my workshop machines". For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite. They occasionally drop when you’re hacking away at ore or stones, although sometimes they’ll be bundled up with other relics in My Time at Portia. I have played through the games content pre the recent patch and found lots of data discs while mining. Data Discs can most commonly be found by mining in any Abandoned Ruins. Home » Guides » My Time at Portia: How to Get Data Discs & What They Do. It can also be used in conjunction with the Recovery Machine to recover ancient relics. I don't see anything like research notes in my inventory or at the Assembly Station. Data Disc is an item left over from ancient times. Not taking any more data discs? The player may also receive some Data Discs in the mail as a monthly Workshop Ranking reward. From Purchase Price Data Discs are often used in missions, required to be given to Petra in Portia's Research Center for new blueprints. Friends Everywhere. Relic Marketing Type On top of that, you’ll also need to give the Research Center some data discs for certain missions. The first photo taken with someone else. They are also used for trading and gifting. Abandoned RuinsTreasure ChestsHazardous Ruins Data discs are one of the most important items you can collect in the game.