EMPLOYMENT Box 107 For the most updated information and best user experience please visit this page using Google Chrome. 104 Tech Park Drive, Cambridge, MD 21613 - 3468 web: www.dllr.state.md.us/county/uppershore/ LOCAL ACCOUNTABILITY & MATHEMATICS UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Beth Wilson, Director (410) 221-1111, ext. Appointed by County Council: P. O. RECREATION Maryland Independent Agencies William Malkus Greg Koski; Glenn P. Ruark. Appointed by County Council to 4-year terms: Martin Brandes, M.D. Michael W. Detmer (R), President (chosen by Board), 2023 ENGINEERING DIVISION Elected by North Dorchester High School in May to 1-year term: Kyla Diggs, student (nonvoting), 2020 PERMITS, INSPECTIONS, & LICENSING Councilman Pfeffer is a Life Member and past President of the Secretary Volunteer Fire Company, past President of the Dorchester County Volunteer Firemen’s Association, member of the Sons of American Legion Post 243, Red Cross Volunteer, Founding Member of the Dorchester Critical Incident Stress Management Team, Character Counts Coach at Warwick Elementary School and Trustee at the First United Methodist Church in Secretary. Box 444 LOCAL EMERGENCY PLANNING COMMITTEE web: www.dorchestercountymd.com/departments/public-works-2/ Maryland Manual On-Line Appointed by County Council: Dorchester County members appointed by Governor with House of Delegates advice & consent to 5-year terms: e-mail: amanda@tourdorchester.org TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT William Malkus Susan B. Representing County Council: George L. (Lenny) Pfeffer Jr. e-mail: ashley.jones2@maryland.gov SECONDARY EDUCATION Appointed by County Council: Dwight Cromwell; Charles Dayton, Jr.; Wendell Foxwell; Elizabeth Hill; Cindy Smith; Lin Spicer. Meetings: 1st Friday, 7:30 a.m. Sheri Robinson Hubbard, Councilmanic Dist. William Giese, Jr., 2019; Jeffrey King, 2020; Laura Layton, 2021; Ralph Lewis, 2022; Mary M. Losty, 2022; William Windsor, 2023. web: http://dorchesterrecreation.org/ County Office Building, 501 Court Lane, Cambridge, MD 21613 - 0107 Anna Howie, Supervisor (410) 221-1111, ext. CITIZEN REVIEW BOARD FOR CHILDREN Nancy L. Shockley, Director (410) 228-0281, (410) 228-9642 e-mail: william.forlifer@maryland.gov, MATERNAL, CHILD & SCHOOL HEALTH e-mail: jhughes@docogonet.com TOURISM e-mail: jcooney@docogonet.com Appointed by County Council: e-mail: cheryl.maclaughlin@maryland.gov SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, & MATHEMATICS (STEM), PHYSICAL EDUCATION & HEALTH Meetings: 3rd Thursday, 7:00 p.m. PUBLIC WORKS 1055; e-mail: brickhousea@dcpsmd.org County Council, ex officio, constitutes Roads Board 1000 College Circle, Route 50 & Route 213, Wye Mills, MD 21679 - 0008 Vacancy, President Maryland at a Glance Staff: John R. Winslow (410) 228-7714, ext. Appointed by County Council: EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS [911 CENTER] http://dhr.maryland.gov/local-offices/dorchester-county/. (410) 228-9636 Appointed by County Council to 4-year terms: Jack Brooks; Harold Robinson. Robert Larimer, Interim Chief (410) 221-0203 web: www.dorchestercountymd.com/departments/public-works-2/solid-waste-division-2/ P. O. Charlene Jones, Director (410) 901-8162 Appointed by County Council: ENGLISH & LANGUAGE ARTS, INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY, MEDIA, & ENGLISH FOR SPEAKERS OF OTHER LANGUAGES (ESOL) PREVENTION & HEALTH EDUCATION 1, 2020 ROADS BOARD e-mail: amanda@tourdorchester.org Maryland Departments BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS: COUNTY CLERK Jennifer K. Raymond, County Clerk (410) 901-1426 e-mail: jennifer.raymond@mdcourts.gov. web: www.dorchestercountymd.com/emergency-management-division-2/, EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES Appointed by State Forester to 3-year terms: HIGHWAYS DIVISION 501 Court Ln e-mail: chenningsen@dorchesterlibrary.org Maryland Executive Commissions, Committees, Task Forces, & Advisory Boards MAINTENANCE & OPERATIONS CAREER CENTER Maryland Departments ; Leslie D. Hutton, Chief, Hurlock Police Dept. W. David Bromwell, Superintendent of Schools, 2021 Maryland Constitutional Offices & Agencies web: www.dorchestercountymd.com/departments/public-works-2/ BOARD OF HEALTH web: www.dorchesterhealth.org/ web: www.dorchestercountymd.com/departments/public-works-2/engineering-division/ 1009; e-mail: haugec@dcpsmd.org UPPER SHORE WORKFORCE INVESTMENT BOARD BOARD OF RECREATION & PARKS HIGHWAYS DIVISION Maryland Universities & Colleges web: www.dorchesterhealth.org/ District Court, 310 Gay St., Cambridge, Maryland, September 2015. Hours of Operation - 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday except legal holidays, Clerk's Office Website Elected by Voters to 4-year term: e-mail: sbanks@choosedorchester.org Mary R. Elliott, C.R.N.P., Program Manager (410) 228-3294 CHILD FATALITY REVIEW TEAM 829 Fieldcrest Road, Cambridge, MD 21613 - 9423 Appointed by County Council DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS Dorchester County Sanitary District, Inc. was incorporated on Friday 3rd February 1961, Alternate: Michael Starling. e-mail: drahilly@docogonet.com 310 Gay St., Cambridge, MD 21613 Appointed by Governor with Senate consent to 4-year terms: Councilman Pfeffer is serving his first term in Dorchester County Government. Circuit Court. Frank Stout, Director (410) 228-5578 BOARD OF ELECTIONS TOURISM Appointed by County Council: Richard Loeffler, President (chosen by Board in July, 1-year term), 2016 web: www.dorchestercountymd.com/planning-zoning/ Appointed by County Council: SOIL CONSERVATION DISTRICT BOARD OF SUPERVISORS 829 Fieldcrest Road, Cambridge, MD 21613 303 Gay St., Cambridge, MD 21613 Appointed by County Council to 3-year terms: SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, & MATHEMATICS (STEM), PHYSICAL EDUCATION & HEALTH Meetings: 1st Friday, 7:30 a.m. DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT e-mail: rlarimer@911.docogonet.com (410) 901-1420; 1-800-939-2872 (toll free); tty: 1-800-735-2258 Maryland at a Glance 3632; e-mail: brooksg@dcpsmd.org web: https://visitdorchester.org/ Directory of Appellate, Circuit, District and Orphans' Courts. State's Attorneys EVIRONMENTAL HEALTH Brian Chester, Manager (410) 228-2920 P. O. COMMISSIONERS Dorchester County GIS Viewer Comprehensive web mapping application that contains multiple layers from various sources. Patrick Murphy, Manager (410) 901-6948, ext. Alternate: Michael Starling. web: www.opd.state.md.us/dorchester, STATE'S ATTORNEY e-mail: rlarimer@911.docogonet.com HIGHWAYS DIVISION DRUG & ALCOHOL ABUSE COUNCIL Norby T. Lee, 2017; Katrena Batson Bailey, 2019; Shirley A. Greene, 2021; Barbara J. Hubbard, 2021; Theresa D. E. Stafford, 2023; Vatice J. Walker, 2023. RECREATION Jack Brooks; Harold Robinson. P. O. web: www.dorchestercountymd.com/emergency-management-division-2/ web: www.dorchestercountymd.com/departments/public-works-2/engineering-division/ e-mail: bchester@docogonet.com Meetings: 3rd Thursday, 2:00 p.m. Circuit Court: District Court: Orphans' Court: Courthouse, 206 High St., Cambridge, Maryland, January 2007. e-mail: bchester@docogonet.com P. O. William C. Forlifer, Director (410) 228-1167 e-mail: joseph.flanagan@maryland.gov Anna Howie, Supervisor (410) 221-1111, ext. Theresa M. Connors, Curriculum Supervisor (410) 221-1111, ext. e-mail: mspears@docogonet.com 201 Baptist St., Suite 17, Salisbury, MD 21801 Appointed by County Council to 6-year terms: http://choosedorchester.org/ 1027; e-mail: turnerp@dcpsmd.org, SOCIAL STUDIES & WORLD LANGUAGES 1025; e-mail: connorst@dcpsmd.org LAW OFFICES Susan B. Arcelius Brickhouse, Director (410) 221-1111, ext. PUBLIC DEFENDER Vacancy, Chief Engineer (410) 228-2920 web: www.dcsdct.org/ 1063; e-mail: graftonj@dcpsmd.org, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 2, 2022 Peter C. Paul, Esq., Trust Clerk (410) 476-4627, P. O. BOARD OF [LIQUOR] LICENSE COMMISSIONERS David Wooten, Chair (chosen by Board in July, 1-year term), 2020 ETHICS COMMISSION web: www.dorchestercountymd.com/departments/states-attorney/, LICENSING