Region(s): Demacia Strengths: This archetype focuses on “Elite” units.It is new player friendly to both draft and play. A “mana curve” is the organization of your deck based on how much a card costs to cast. I saw all my powerful uncommons every game, and even topdecked cards that were perfect answers every time. You’ll have up to five MDFCs and a relatively normal curve. Let's take a second to talk about mana curve. There's lots of guides out there, but the general rule of thumb is 17 land (16 in an aggressive deck with a lower curve, or with 2+ alternative mana sources like Llanowar Elves) and the remainder spells and somewhere between 12-17 creatures depending on what your spells look like. The most important card type in any draft are generally creatures. This allows you to potentially drop spells on every turn, a 1-drop on turn 1, and 2-drop on turn-2 etc. The gist: Good decks are designed in such a way that you're very likely to spend all your mana each turn. Curve: 1-drops (0-2) 2-drops (5-8) 3-drops (5-7) 4-drops (2-6) 5+ mana (0-4) Cards that are cast off-curve (2-6) Okay, so a couple things related to this outline. Nothing’s worse than having two completely different draft decks stitched together. 4. You have a steady curve of units at each mana cost that can punish slow decks or opponents who didn’t draw their early game.Many elites come with powerful buff abilities that ensure your units will always be bigger than your opponents’. Still don’t use their mana very well in general. Don’t be too focused on the number of MDFCs. Above average curve. Garen – Demacian Steel. 19 Lands. Like many other decks that can be built in Commander Legends draft, the Muldrotha deck is a midrange build that wants to use mana ramp and cheap, synergistic cards in the early game to lay the foundation for bigger plays later on. This is the most common land count in the format. Aggressive, low-curve decks (which curve out at at four or five) will run as few as 11/16 lands. Mana Curve: 17: 40 card Pre-Release / Draft: N/A <20: Very aggressive beatdown: Almost exclusively 0-2cc: 20: Aggressive beatdown: 32 or more spells of 0-2cc; 8 spells 3cc or higher: 22: Beatdown deck with utility: 20-28 spells of 0-2cc; Aggro-control 10-18 spells 3cc or higher: 24: Generic deck Fortunately for Muldrotha, Commander Legends already has a substantial graveyard theme with self-mill, the encore ability and the aristocrats-style decks. Keep an eye out and commit to a plan once you are a pack or so in. also known as curving out. I played a draft today that gave me perfect mana and curve every single round. First, if you average them all you get about 23 spells, so that makes sense. Mana curve refers to picking up cards that are costed differently. This is an essential Magic concept which applies to Booster Draft and every other Magic format you'll find. Typical decks (one or two colors, curve out around six or seven) will typically to run 12/17 lands. Make sure to pay attention to your mana curve, as you’ll typically want to have some good two and three spells. Next, this illustrates the concept of mana curve. 18 Lands. Again, think about how well your deck can use its mana.