Staminade also helps restore glycogen which is the main storage form of glucose in the body, located primarily in liver and muscle cells. Is this frozen Staminade a, Whether you think you can, or you think you can’. Hydration is important before, during and after exercise. SNAKE JUICE provides an excellent daily source of high-grade electrolytes. Next stop for Beach 5s and it looks stunning! ・・・ Dehydration due to: – Vomiting & diarrhoea. This item cannot be posted until your script is received and processed by our Pharmacist. 1 Tub of Staminade Makes up to 9 LitresVs15 x 600ml Competitors Ready-to-Drink Bottles, Cost per litre from 1 tub of Staminade is up to $1.07/LVsready made competitors up to $5.70/L. This link is provided for your convenience. #Repost @rollabot_aus It’s essential for normal body function, helping cells utilise sugars to produce vital energy for cells’ mechanisms to work at optimum. Hydralyte Sports Electrolyte Powder Lemon Lime 900g - 9317039001528 - Sports Nutrition - Rapidly replaces fluid and electrolytes to help maintain hydration and electrolyte balance. Berry Rush is available in Woolworths stores Australia wide. Receive special offers and be the first to know about the latest Hydralyte news when you sign up to our mailing list. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional. ... 1 tub of Staminade sports powder makes up to 9 litres, equivalent to 15 bottles of ready-to-drink bottles. Signs of… Mail your current script safely and confidentially to: Pharmacy DirectReply Paid 87026 MOLENDINAR, 4214. SNAKE JUICE ELECTROLYTE POWDER (30 PER BOX) SNAKE JUICE supplies a high-grade replenishment of the electrolytes lost throughout daily maintenance and dehydration. Join Staminade to receive exclusive offers, recipes, invitations and news! Legend , Settle the debate! Enter your email address below and we will notify you as soon as the product is available. Rapidly replaces fluid and electrolytes to help maintain hydration and electrolyte balance. Let success be your noise. Don’t just save it for your sports bag. ・・・ Low to Moderate Intensity: Consume 200-400 mL of Hydralyte Sports every hour of physical activity. Always read the label. #Rep, Work hard in silence. A refreshing glass of Staminade replaces the essential minerals and electrolytes lost through perspiration and lets you get back on the job. This product contains other than active ingredients: Natural flavour, natural colour, sucralose, silica, colloidal anhydrous. Drinking too many electrolyte drinks may lead to imbalances that cause harmful conditions. Sports Nutrition. Contains sugars. Omega.. GenTeal Moisturising Eye Gel is effectively preservative free and long lasting.GenTeal Gel is a ster.. 1 tub of Staminade sports powder makes up to 9 litres, equivalent to 15 bottles of ready-to-drink bottles. It plays a vital role in the body’s energy metabolism. Please note that this third-party website is not controlled by Care Pharmaceuticals or subject to our privacy policy. $22.95. Drink Staminade powder before exercise for more energy and a longer, more effective performance. Follow the directions for use. Regulate consumption in response to thirst and other signs of dehydration. We use magnesium lactate in our powder. Or as directed by your healthcare professional. Pharmacy Direct, Unit 4 / 27-29 Industrial Ave, Molendinar, QLD Australia 4214, Hydralyte Sports Electrolyte Powder Lemon Lime 900g, Hydralyte Sports Electrolyte Powder Orange 900g, Bioglan Red Krill Oil Triple Action 500mg 60 Capsules, Formulated for prolonged or vigorous physical activity resulting in heavy sweating, Helps relieve muscle cramps and enhance exercise performance, Available in convenient on the go sachets or bulk size tubs, The tub is perfect for heavy users, sports clubs and sporting events, Large scoop – 17.9 g into 600 mL drink bottle. Proprietor Chempro Online Pty Ltd ATF ABN: 26 551 788 034. Why is magnesium so important? Lemon Lime is available across various stores Australia wide. Hydralyte Electrolyte Powder Orange relieves symptoms of dehydration and helps replace water and electrolytes lost due to vomiting, diarrhoea, heavy sweating, vigorous exercise and occasional hangovers. Trace 72 Blue Ocean is available in Coles stores Australia wide. Take 200-400 mL of Hydralyte Sports within 2 hours prior to physical activity to establish a healthy hydration status.