Whether you use an iPhone or Android, you can find the Google Home app in the App Store or on Google Play. In the app, tap on Home Control to add a … If all you want to do is cast either your desktop or a video in your browser to any device on your network, you can use the Chrome browser for that. If necessary, you may also be asked to input your physical address for the device if you have not already done so. Choose which home and room the speakers belong in, for example "Home" might be the name of your home and "Living room" may be the room where you're putting the speakers. You can use it to cast to a Google Home hub (with screen), a Chromecast device, or … 6. Double click the Home app to open Google Home. Just know that you aren’t limited to only your mobile device when it comes to using the Google Home app. As long as your Wi-Fi connection is steady, you should be able to connect afterward. You can then choose which type of appliance is plugged into that smart plug — with options like Smart light, air conditioner, coffee maker, fan, humidifier, and so on. What is Alexa? However, it does mean that Google will be collecting additional information about you, so some people may want to pass. Be sure to set the location of your Google Home device, as you’ll need this for things like local weather reports, traffic conditions, and commute times. If you already have a Gmail address, that’s perfect — go ahead and enter that. I plugged it into the power and it flashed and spoke and I got onto the google site it said to do but it won’t show me how to connect it to the laptop. It can't send commands to the GH or ask it to do things other than playing media. If you want to connect it, you should need Bluetooth 4.0, or better. Using this, you could write your own web service to access and control various functions and features of your Google Home devices. For example, who needs a dedicated soundbar when a pair of Google Nest Minis ($19 at Walmart), Google Homes or Google Home Maxes ($150 at Best Buy) can give you sound that's just as crisp and clear and broadcast a bedtime reminder to your family? Just get yerself a plug in speaker ffs… If you have to complete a robotics degree to make a speaker sound, it’s probably easier to go to a product of a company that know what they are doing and how to make a product that works. If you need help with our products and services, our team of experts is here for you. To a limited extent, yes. When prompted, agree to turn on location permissions, as this makes it easier for the device to report accurate local weather, let you know the nearest Walgreens, etc. The Google Home line features an assortment of interactive products that are controlled by Google Assistant.This voice-driven service responds to an array of commands.To get a Google Home device to listen to these commands, you must connect it to a Wi-Fi network.Here's how to connect your Google Home smart device to your Wi-Fi network. Any ideas? Use the Google Home app on your Mac. I am using the Google Home app on my phone to configure it to connect to my home wifi. If you go under Settings > More settings > Assistant, you can change your assistant’s language or add an additional language. Tap the settings icon (the gear symbol) in the upper right corner. You can still say command ‘OK Google’ to have it perform tasks while the speaker is paired with your PC. will not download google home just redirect to bullshit sites, These instructions are not coherent to follow, I agree with all the disgruntled comments and people above. Once your Google Home is all set up, it’s time to start using the little guy. 3. It worked once though…now it’s impossible to make it recognized as audio device in spite of reboots etc,….