Agave, Banana, bird of paradise, creeping jenny, croton, hosta, and Schefflera are some of the best plants to plant... My name is Josh and I love to garden. Liquid fertilizers like a 20-20-20 should be used every three weeks until the pineapple flowers are formed. Then remember what it looked like before the squirrel stole it for the next one. I lost one last year to rot, but the other, which was just 2 ft away has been thriving on neglect and mulch. Green and cream. He told me how easy it was to grow them, and that is all I needed to hear. The plants in back all have a pineapple growing, and the ones in front aren't even a year yet and they are growing pineapples, the blue pot has the top from the one we picked last July and the other day we noticed the big purple pot in back which is the mother now has 2 growing. So this July I will be harvesting 7 pineapples instead of 2. Caring for it would mean a lot of sun exposure and that it’s kept in the warmest weathers. The soil you select should have a pH of 4.5 to 5.0 and should be sterilized and weed free. Let’s get started. I'm writing in case people are still reading this thread. North and Central Florida is mostly humid and subtropical. Plants are always very pale green, bordering on yellow. Could modify/ stretch valence to extend over side drapes. His winding driveway was lined with pot after pot of lovely pineapple plants, with each sporting a small pineapple. hostas, I think they grow down there though i rarely saw them when back home. Thanks for sharing your cultivation techniques - I have 2 blooming plants in a pot now & would like to optimize the fruit, if possible. I'm thinking when mine starts to flower/fruit I will cage it off similarly to how I'm doing with my blueberries. Phosphorous is important to flower and fruit production. The easiest way to plant a pineapple is to plant the crown. The plant should now be able to stand up by itself. Today we’re going to learn how to grow pineapples. I took the top and planted it. Second bed gets less direct light, and plants are dark green, grow faster than the other bed, and much healthier overall. Next, look at the lower leaves on the pineapple top and remove several of these leaves to reveal the root buds below. I have added blood meal to the soil every so often and it helps. I've grown a few plants over the years. We recently picked 38 large pineapples from this little "plantation," and are waiting for others to get big and ripe. Finally cooler days! The two-hour classes are scheduled on weekends two or three times a month throughout the year. Look to see if it looks grayed out and muddy. Flea & Tick Enjoy growing fresh pineapples in your garden and remember that without plants, we would not be here! Tamp the loose potting soil down around the top, but do not compress the soil too much. They can also be used as a decorative touch in many Florida landscapes as well. Drying the top helps to prevent any fungus from entering the plant. Just before going over the bridge in Matlacha is a historic sign (on your left…, Coconut palms are all over Pine Island, you see them everywhere! Joshua Kipp Enterprises is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies, link to Growing Florida Cranberry (Roselle) in Florida, link to Best Plants to Plant around Your Florida Pool, Best Plants to Grow For Privacy in Florida. And expensive lesson, since the HOA made her repaint it. I include ... Several years ago a friend of mine mentioned that the top (a slip) removed from a ripe pineapple can be rooted and will produce another pine... Hanni over at   Sweet Bean Gardening hosts this meme and I always manage to be a bit late with my contribution. Pineapples planted in the ground or in raised beds should be planted on three-foot centers. Apply a soluble fertilizer to the leaves as pineapples absorb their nutrients primarily through their foliage. Pineapple (Ananas comosus) is a type of tropical plant called a bromeliad. People who attend will benefit by meeting many of the friendly gardeners like the ones below, posing for a group photograph after attending a recent class in our garden's screened enclosure. Next, wait 2 years and voila. My plants get full sun from sunrise to sunset. Email * Everything in the group is totally free: instant membership, informative classes, plant exchanges, light snacks, soft drinks, etc. The first picture is my first pineapple and then after we picked it. You can plant them in the ground or in pots. How to Grow a Pineapple, Step-by-Step Step 1: Slice off the crown. How to Improve Garden Soil. This is why the soil in which they’re planted in is well-drained and not muddy or else their roots may rot. Check on your slips every day for about two weeks, because any left over pineapple on the root stem can attract critters. After one year, your pineapples can be forced to bear fruit by using a product called Bang Site or Calcium Carbide. I include the link to that previous post here. Nematodes are hard to get rid once the soil is infested prior to planting, so the best way to avoid this is the use of clean soil before planting anything in it. How to Grow Pineapples: Pineapples are wonderful fruit. Progressing nicely, but it hasn't yet flattened out those buds and is a way from being ripe. Herb Garden Essentials: Grow Your Own Culinary Sage, 6 Things to Know Before You Start Growing Your Own Food, Why Grow Quince? Remove any excess fruit and peel off a few of the lower leaves, exposing the pre-formed roots. It’s undeniably a sun-loving fruit. They are very easy to grow but do take some time, about a year and half or more! What is your favorite way of enjoying your pineapples? Just make sure to invest in paint samples. If your on your way to asking whether they can be grown from their seeds, the answer to that is: YES. Battleship gray doesn't work. What they do need is warmth; if you live in a colder climate, plant yours in a warm area of the house near a window. If you have a special island photo you’d like us to consider email it to us. Make sure you do this at nighttime and afterward cover the foliage with a black garbage bag. That's because the pineapple plant is one of the few tropical fruits that are really well suited to growing in pots, and that means you can grow pineapple plants indoors. But for a single pineapple, fortunately, they can be grown in pots, as well. Nematodes in soil feeding on plant roots. Jane, that is sad that something got to it before you picked it. In the hot summer months I have put up a garden cloth that lets the sun and rain in, but shades the plants as well. We had sand in one spot where we were planting squash, and I dug it up, and used the cow manure and garden soil about a foot and a half deep, the squash did great until the bugs got them. then, i went to help my cousin clean out her moms house, who passed away a year and a half ago, and she gave me a pineapple from her plants! Good luck growing your pineapples, I am sure you will have no problems at all. The crown, as we all may know well, is the top part of the fruit with the leaves. Pineapple (Ananas comosus) is a type of tropical plant called a bromeliad. These root buds will grow and anchor the plant in the pot.