Crab sticks are a form of imitation crab meat. Because they are pre-cooked you can also use them in salads or cold dishes. From the name, this involves majorly frying the crab sticks. Go out and buy some imitation crab. Contrary to what you may think at first, crab sticks are actually often made with imitation crab after than crab proper. Heat your oven or grill to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and wrap the legs in heavy foil. The safest bet is to buy a pack of pre-sculpted crab sticks from the supermarket. Step5. Cook for 14 to 16 minutes. Defrost and add to alfredo sauce to make a nice crab alfredo (a fav in our house), use defrosted in a crab dip, etc. Step4. I mostly like to use them in seafood pasta salad or plain crab salad. As someone above had already said, frozen crab sticks aren't actually crab--they're fish that have been precooked. Let it cook for a sufficient amount of time, mostly about 10 minutes. Deep frying the crab sticks. It comprises of white fish (surimi) that has been flavored, cooked and then frozen before being sold. Remove from the steamer and serve hot. Alternatively, heat one side of your grill and place bare, uncovered clusters of crab legs over the unheated side. As I mentioned before, imitation crab meat is very delicate, which means you should apply a light hand when cooking it to avoid pulling it to bits and pieces. Observe the meat to ensure it’s well cooked but not overcooked as this will lead to its disintegration into pieces. Close the lid and cook for about 10 minutes before checking the legs, then again at 2 minute intervals until they're done. First of all, they are pre-cooked so basically all you have to do is heat them up slightly. These sticks are primarily composed of a fish protein known as surimi. Sauté the imitation crab meat for about 5-minutes, and you'll end up with perfectly cooked crab sticks. You can thaw and mix up as-is with mayo, celery & seasonings to make a crab salad (like a tuna salad). This illusion of real crab meat tastes really good when prepared in the right way using the right recipe.It retains the same crab like feel and taste. If you're much more the DIY type, you can get bigger slabs to cut into the pieces yourself. The "Crab" sticks you are speaking of are probably the fake crab that has become so popular. A pink exterior (most of the crab sticks are pink) and other preservatives are added too. Crab sticks often are cheaper than genuine crab meat, which makes them popular in a variety of dishes.