Can i know what the different between gardenia product than other product such as Hi-5 or another.. Top gardenia bread recipes and other great tasting recipes with a healthy slant from Vinegar or acetic acid can be produced both synthetically and by bacterial fermentation. Is it Gardenia Squiggles Bread suitable for vegetarians? Hi Paul, For your information, all of our bread loaves range do not contain egg. I believe you are aware that subway has been using a hardening agent that is commonly used to make yoga mat’s and shoes. Flour, pinch of salt and water. I wonder what it is wrong with E-numbers as they are guarantee of what it is in… with naturals..a lot of marketing! Mommy Lady's Pak na Pak na Recipe: Mackerel Carbonara, List of Pre-school/Daycare in Mandaluyong and Tuition Fees, My Shopping Experience at Baby Company + October Deals, Pigeon Only Moms Breastfeeding Advocacy Campaign + Giveaway. My love for bread pudding has encouraged me come up with an Unbelievably delicious yet still health friendly recipe for this all time favorite of mine. Hi Gardenia, i would like to know that does Gardenia white bread contain any eggs? Is gardenia bread (e.i. The vinegar used in Gardenia bread is a natural vineger from sugar fermentation. Thank you for your enquiry. Please do PM us your contact number and we would get in touch with you. As previously mentioned, we do use dough conditioner, that is largely made up of Emulsifiers which are Soy and Palm base. hi, for purple wheat bread, any coloring added to make the color? For your information, as stated on the packaging, Gardenia Auntie Rosie Kaya has eggs as one of the ingredients. Thank you for taking your time to write to us to clarify the matter. This is admission on your part, that you have been adding either artificial, unnatural or synthetic preservatives until lately. We are re-sending the said email and hope that you find the information helpful. For any further assistance, you may contact our friendly customer service personnel at 1-800-88-3228. As to the other products (eg Buns, Waffles), please refer to the ingredients list printed on the packaging because some products have eggs as one of the ingredients. As it is, please kindly refer to the relevant party for information on their products. A simple activity you can do at home. Fun fact: Gardenia is the first in the country to use the unique resealable and reusable plastic clip called G-lock which seals in the bread´s freshness. As well as all other breads in the fibremeal range. Now, instead of calcium propionate, we use natural ingredients such as vinegar and raisin juice concentrate. Thank you. I love the bread of Gardenia. Sejak dari org tak sibuk pasal artificial preservatives lagi. It was really a tiring day but me and Prince really enjoyed the workshop. Lead by Chef Patrice, mommies and kids made. 4. Hi Discontinued and due to what reason? Before we end our tour, kids were given certificate of participation to the Ultimate Bread Journey of Gardenia. I am so glad to know that all there preservatives are natural. This unique method ensures that Gardenia's bread stays fresh longer and tastes so good you can even eat it on its own. Here, kids were taught how to make a dough using 3 ingredients. At may pamascot ulit si Gardenia. It was one of my staple when I started to shed some weight back then in 2008, 2009. Other wholesale bakeries in Malaysia are still using calcium propionate in they bread. - Gardenia 100% WholeGrain with Canadian Purple Wheat (GI value – 46) Please be assured and enjoy our product. The hygienic environment of Gardenia factories contribute to the products shelf-life. Hi Kanes, After the painting activity, older kids were assigned to do another role play where they act as a vegetable, fish and fruit. In the meantime, do enjoy our range of Gardenia wholemeal and wholegrain breads. The natural preservatives used for our bread is the Raisin Juice Concentrate and Vinegar. Takde paun penyakit. Hi Charlotte! Other wholesale bakeries in Malaysia are still using calcium propionate in they bread.