Open the menu to buy longswords again Darksign Run to Kalameet In some cases, boss fights get easier when they are partially done locked off, and then locking on at the right moments. Don't setup RTSR Kill Centipede Demon ## BKH/Quelaag Cast hidden body and run over the bridge Kill Hydra (3 soul spears) Kill the Black Knight for the BKH Poopwalk is a glitch in Dark Souls with the animation blending system which effectively halves the distance travelled during all animations, but not their speed.. Kill Gargoyles with resin bandit knife Kill Bed of Chaos (Tokhi Bombs) Start Thief with Black Firebombs Level 23ATT 32END 45DEX 98INT Kill Quelaag I've been messing with the settings, changed the compatibility, setting it to run as administrator, setting the priority to "Above Normal" and only the FPS changes. Equip DCR for RTSR drop setup ## Firesage/Centipede/Bed of Chaos Heal and take the ladder Kill the Lizard If you fail the wrong warp to parish where you use the bone you wouldn't be able to finish the run. Warp to Darkmoon Tomb (remove armor) Skip Knife and Shield Language (Beta) × български Català Čeština Pick up RTSR from the tower and roll off the tower from the pickup animation Buy Crest of Artorias, Bastard Sword, Kite Shield (either) and 999 Wooden Arrows Equip the talismans Equip Crown in the fog gate Force quit wrong warp to Burg For this reason, avoid creating savefiles right in front of the boss fight foggates. Updated Any% route notes to No RTSR route Air roll down the catacombs Kill Gwyndolin (RTSR from a beam, 2 Soul Spears to kill) Run through Sen's Keep the Sword Hilt Equip Dragon Crest Shield in the fog gate Darksign Dupe the humanity 99x on the elevator Drop -8 twinkling (negative dupe) Pick up the 1k soul Jump down to take some fall damage ## Asylum Moved Old FQ route to the bottom (as it would work on console) Consistent Knight RTSR Kill Gwynevere and get the Lordvessel Take the Elevator to New Londo Ruins (leave the elevator down) ## 2020-04-08 Kill Quelaag Run to Undead Burg Leave Asylum This is probably the most important part of stamina management and can lose you the most time if done incorrectly. Kill Gwynevere Equip Armor in the warp ## 4 Kings Kill Asylum Demon Attune Soul Spear Kill Asylum Demon with bombs Dupe the 800 soul 99x on the elevator Quitout for the boulder Kill the Golem (2 soul spears) Join the Speedsouls Discord: - #ds1-remastered Example Run: ## Gargoyles Sen's Warp ## Butterfly - Buy 633 Wooden Arrows Darksign Trying to start after only one playthrough can be frustrating and only makes things unnecessarily harder. ## Capra/Gaping - 1 two-handed jumping attack Pop Soul of Smough on the elevator ## Gwyn Fly to Anor Londo Setting game to window mode and smaller resolutions speeds up the game to normal. Rest at the Darkmoon Tomb bonfire Drop the Sword Hilt Take these videos as examples if you're unsure what the notes mean, but not necessarily as guides for how to go through areas. Kill Iron Golem Please refer to the, You may find some pre-made savefiles for the. Take a hit from an enemy for RTSR Push the Lever and quitout Air roll down the next elevator Some of their attacks involve rather precised ranged hitboxes which allow you to strafe the attack. Updated any% notes with additional Gwyn RTSR info This is mostly because Dark Souls lacks the feature of omnidirectional rolling while locked onto a target. Kill Gargoyles Depths Out of Bounds Exit the tunnel and force quit wrong warp Set up RTSR with the silver knight Cast FC and air roll down the NLR elevator Kill Gwynevere and get the Lordvessel ## Asylum Kill Butterfly - Open the menu to buy a Longsword but don't buy one Prompt Swap and drop -8 Twinkling Titanite (see video) Equip DCR for the drop Skip the bonfire Cast Hidden Body and air roll down catacombs Kill Ornstein and Smough Start Thief with Black Firebombs Darksign Run past the Hellkite Drake and pick up the 800 soul Air roll down the elevator Kill Bed of Chaos ## Priscilla You want your item slots to be as empty as possible, so be sure to unequip items you do not use anymore and equip the items you need beforehand. Link the Fire Run through Anor Londo Take the bonfire and level 16VIT 20END 28STR 18DEX Force quit wrong warp in the first tunnel Fly to AL In the following sections, you will find important concepts and information that you may find useful for starting out with Dark Souls speedrunning. Pick up the 1k soul Meme rolls Kill Quelaag with BKH Ring the bell Dupe the homeward bone Alternative: Darksign Wrong warp to Parish with the homeward bone Alternative: Darksign for the warp. By learning what attacks are strafable, fights will get easier and you as a player will preserve more stamina in the process. Jump down to Firelink Altar Lower Undead Burg Skip Duke skip (upwarp/air rolls) Pick up the Shield ## 2020-05-03 ## Sen's Fortress #5. Run to Demon Ruins ## Ornstein and Smough ... My game is running at like half speed, GPU, CPU, and RAM are not being taxed at all but it takes me 5 sec to do a fast roll. Take the Undead Parish bonfire Drop the Sword Hilt Warp to Anor Londo Dark Souls allows you to equip your character with many different weapons, shields, armor, and rings, but the game has its limits. Kill Priscilla *Alternative: Darksign* Menuing during Dark Souls runs is important because of a couple of reasons: Generally, it is best to shift your menuing to places where the game forces you to wait in any way, like while climbing a ladder, on an elevator ride or even during a foggate animation. Leave asylum and Firelink Skip Darksign Start Thief with Black Firebombs The basic concept is that you neither want to fully run out of stamina nor let your stamina regenerate to full at all times while running. Though, some boss fights are a lot easier locked on. Do the Anor Londo stairs Quitout ## Iron Golem Darksign Run towards firelink ## Ornstein and Smough Run to the catacombs Dupe the 2k soul 99x ## Quelaag Enter Sen's Fortress (optional faster FQ warp) Darksign Dupe 99 Humanities on the elevator Enter the butterfly fight - Buy the Crest of Artorias, Weapon Smithbox Warp to Firelink Shrine Remove the DCR and take fall damage for RTSR Kill Ceaseless Discharge Dupe the homeward bone Darksign Level 26VIT 40END 34STR 18DEX Kill Quelaag - Prompt Swap left from arrows to buy 9 Longswords Crystal Caves Fall Control drop Rest Crystal Caves slope quitout Kill the archers and run around the knight ## BKH These routes rely on a Quantity dupe glitch: ## Ornstein and Smough KahmulKahmul, catalystcatalyst, CapitaineToinonCapitaineToinon, hivemind514hivemind514, 2RED2Game2RED2Game, RegoleRegole, GanDrakeHDGanDrakeHD, By DucksualDucksual. It is very important to understand the concept of it and to be able to execute it consistently. Meme rolls Archives Roofwarp *Alternative: Darksign for the warp* Updated video links on FQ and All Bosses At Andre: If you fail the wrong warp to parish where you use the bone you wouldn't be able to finish the run. Take the shortcut, quitout at the door ## Guardian # All Bosses (Sorcery) (PC/Console Route) - 2 counter and 1 standard if at 1 humanity Light the Parish Bonfire (don't rest) This page is meant for people trying to get into Dark Souls speedrunning. Ring the bell ## Asylum Enter the DLC Strafing and dodging go hand-in-hand with locking on and off to enemies and bosses in Dark Souls. Darksign Run through Anor Londo Darksign Cast FC and air roll after the bonfire Using controller grips such as Claw Grip makes menuing and camera control for Dark Souls (or any other Souls game, in fact) substantially easier. Kill Ornstein and Smough ), Join the Speedsouls Discord: - #ds1-remastered, Download the Speedsouls Save Organiser: DSR-Gadget (cheat tool for practice): Gadgetlemage (to spawn BKH automatically for route practice): Snipe the undead merchant with 2 black firebombs ## Example Video Take the chamber bonfire Homeward Bone Kill Nito (Equip Stone Armor in the arena) Force Quit Wrong Warp Download Gadgetlemage (to spawn BKH automatically for route practice): Kill Gaping Dragon Pop the humanity from the hotbar (optional: dupe 99x humanity instead) I've tried to include runs where they exist. Kill Gwynevere Pick up the Shield and Knife Skip the bell Final split is on the credits (not the cutscene!)