The European Union, the world’s leading food importer, has increased imports 20 percent in the last five years. 5. Yes, you can import food for personal use but prior notice may be required. Imports and exports. ... We have temporarily stopped accepting import documents in person. Imports; . See Prior Notice of Imported Food Questions and Answers Scope section for more information. Import certification. When a country is importing goods, this represents an outflow of funds from that country. On this page Skip this menu. Breadcrumb. Food Importing Creates Economic Opportunities. Industry-specific advice. You might need to get a licence or certificate if you're importing things like plant or animal products, high-risk food or feed, medicines, textiles, chemicals or firearms. If you’re striving to make your business the leader in its industry, or you are thinking of lowering production costs, importing is certainly worth considering. Imports and exports. In particular, documents for importing personal effects. The environmental impact of transporting food is measured in food miles, indicating how much carbon dioxide (CO 2) is produced to transport a tonne of food over a unit of distance (kilometres or miles).Cargo ships have the lowest CO 2 emissions, with between 15 and 30 grammes per tonne of food per kilometre, followed by trains, cars and lorries. Both importing and exporting, however, is crucial to your local economy and typically creates jobs that would not be available without the food importing and exporting process. You can do initial checks for biosecurity requirements by searching the Biosecurity Import Conditions system (BICON) . While importing can help small and medium businesses develop and expand by reaching larger markets abroad, exporting can increase the profits of medium and large businesses. Business guidance. When importing food, you need to know about regulations that apply to specific products and more general rules concerning labelling and additives. Local companies are the importers and they make payments to overseas entities, or the exporters. Local farmers in your country usually think importing means less jobs for them and less money in their pocket. Some overseas governments haven’t been able to send original paper-based certificates due to air travel delays. Commercial importers of food such as fresh fruit and vegetables or food containing milk, egg, meat or other animal products may need to obtain an import permit prior to importing the food. Food Standards Agency. See our advice on the impact of COVID-19 on food and agriculture.