he destroyed Popstar's rings upon entering the atmosphere. he can cut a hole in space-time to fire a spatial laser. His basic attacks allow him to do sweeping kicks and flurries of punches, followed by an uppercut. the pause description for the Star Allies Sprinkler also mentions he is a threat to the entire galaxy. Doesn't make him stronger. Press J to jump to the feed. This ability turns Kirby into a whip-wielding cowboy, which is extremely useful in this game. Although I do agree that Kirby was able to defeat a super powered Sectonia so maybe she should be lower. We found this ability fast, versatile and great for beginners. he is the "progenitor of darkness," implying he is the true father of Dark Matter, and hes also apparently the origin of love as well, and is also implied to have created Kirby maybe. Dark Meta Knight -blitzed Meta Knight in their first encounter. Reacted to an attack from Kirby while weakened. That's why he's above Kirby, he may not be able to beat Kirby, but he is more powerful than him. it took the combined might of Kirby, Meta Knight, Dedede and Waddle Dee to take him out, with help from Landia and Super Abilities also. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Welcome to /r/Kirby, a kingdom famous for peace and quiet. aided in the defeat of Magolor. she's also capable of creating a deletion wave that can erase large portions of space. IDK, maybe because you can beat Morpho as him? he could also use his cell phone to call 3 other Kirby's to his location and use them to create the Star Allies Sparkler. Kirby was powerless to stop him without the Starship. Kirby should be S-Tier. he doesn't need his soul in his body to live, he can punch a planet in half, (or at least put a large crack in it) send a meteor flying several lightyears away and he can call in other Kirby's with his phone or just duplicate himself. he can cut a hole in space-time to fire a spatial laser. the power of capitalism will take over all of Dream Kingdom, Marx: allow me to introduce myself *cue demonic screeching and earrape Soviet Anthem, On a one on one fight, kine would beat her. As cool as these abilities are, we found that extremely difficult to master—hence the low ranking. While fused with the Access Ark it was capable of rotating space, including the multiple stars and nebula in the background being one-shot by Galacta Knight only made it stronger, amplifying its power in each of its forms. he also one-shotted Star Dream's first form, knocking the Mother Computer off its pedestal. If Kirby was to fight the original star dream, the one crafted by the ancients, then he would have most likely lost. he created Dark Matter, who can envelope entire planets with enough of them. with the help of Elline drawing rainbow ropes, unpetrifying Kirby and turning him into Rocket Kirby, he was defeated. I wanted to use a legit tier list website but it kept messing up, so I just said fuck it and made my own on google docs ;-; is this with or without weapons? Kirby can flick the parasol inside out, lashing enemies with a powerful spray of water, or spin the umbrella in a massive circle around himself, dealing tons of damage. Personally, I'd like to believe that Bandana Dee is just as Savage as our boy Kirbs, and that he's in the background fighting through hordes of enemies without power-ups just to get to the final boss levels along with Kirby (to give him health items as in Triple Deluxe and Planet Robobot). I wasnt aware of this! he is capable under his own power of pushing back an unknown force consuming Another Dimension and is harmed but relatively unaffected by Drawcia's deletion wave. and in the possibly non-canon Kirby Fighters, he is a fighter on par with Kirby. Except he did just that in super star/ultra to stop it from destroying pop star. You can grab opponents with your horn, then jump into the air with them, body slamming them into the ground (or into other enemies) or repeatedly hit enemies with your horn. he was completely unharmed after directly entangling with a sun. he deflected Magolor's energy balls with his sword. its muthafuckin Kirby! Trophies When he charges up, he can even become a mass of six swirling Kirbys that are tough to take down.