C : these guys are at the lowest tier because all they can provide is fighting ability, but even then, they are still outclassed by the rest of the S-class in terms of fighting ability Press J to jump to the feed. Marugori - extremely huge, capable of destroying cities and causing huge damage by just swiping his hands. Hello there! I know Blast hasn't shown any feats (aside from the one in the flashback), but isn't it pretty much settled that he's at least above EC and on par with/below Tats? Evil Natural Water - can't be killed by conventional methods, survived Tatsumaki and a casual Saitama punch. Somewhat made Saitama excited to fight him. Which includes a smaller and weaker Elder Centipede. Gouketsu - extremely powerful martial artist cum monster, can move at great speed that caught Genos off guard. Blast- "The one who stands above all other heroes." Watchdog-man - said to hold the fastest monster killing time, possible A class but not enough is known about him yet. YO GACHA GACHA!! Current To-Do List and Topics: Deciding which version of the serious punch should be used: Gwyn's version, Ugarik's version, or … Press J to jump to the feed. All others rightfully thread carefully around her. I've only heard of him being smaller in the past when Blast fought him... 1 - Mosquito; 2 - Saitama; 3 - Boros; 4 - Garou (Awakened) ; 5 - Tatsumaki; 6 - Orochi; 7 - Golden Sperm; 8 - Homeless Emperor; 9 - Bang; 10 - Atomic Samurai; 11 - Watchdog Man; 12 - Flashy Flash; 13 - Darkshine; 14 - Metal Knight; 15 - Genos; Where is the cat that managed to scratch saitama, also genos > beefcake? Called Calamity Incarnate by Phoenix Man, and can level cities with his massive size. If not indicated, it is assumed to be web comic spoilers (as in the original web comic by ONE). Tatsumaki - the current top active hero of the HA. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Awakened Garou / Lord Boros - whoever didn't take the second place takes the third place. Going all out he could rip through Dragon level monsters like butter. Marugori is a way too underestimated, Rover and ENW overrated just because they have survived to a normal punch of Saitama. Check the sidebar for information! In addition, there are four types of characters and these are Grappler, Duelist, Esper, and Hi-tech. One Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0 has just been released internationally after spending some time in closed beta in select countries. Tier 5 Characters; Talent Tier List; One Punch Man Road To Hero 2.0 Tier List(November 2020)⇓ We have listed the characters in five major tiers; Tier 1, Tier 2 Tier, Tier 3, Tier 4, and Tier 5. Managed to beat Darkshine in a sparring match. Elder Centipede - five S class level fighters can't beat him. Tat: in top condition is able to go toe to toe with golden sperm which amai mask says all the s class would have to take on Gouketsu- Put down S class level fighters and dominated a fellow dragon level without even really moving from his spot. Halo semua, ONE PUNCH MAN The Strongest akhirnya rilis di Playstore Indonesia. Forced Darkshine to go all out in the virtual genocide simulator. Overgrown Rover - took a casual Saitama punch, and the most powerful combined technique of Bang and Bomb, the top martial artists. ONE PUNCH MAN The Strongest TIER LIST. Black sperm. (4) The current manga chapter, up to 24 hours after the English translation has come out. Evil Natural Water-Another monster that survived a punch from Saitama. His technique will blow you away. Press J to jump to the feed. Log In Sign Up. I think manga BS will surpass orochi. Do you love playing mobile games? ONE PUNCH MAN The Strongest TIER LIST. Elder Centipede- Incredibly durable body. Carnage Kabuto- The result of decades of research on evolution. This list has webcomic spoilers Will not be placing watchdog man or drive knight as they do not have enough feats to rank Blast: number one hero. Due to the natural of its body it's very hard to permanently take it out. u r the only one who followed anime closely... saitama couldn't do shit to that mosquito... take my upvote, 10/11/12/13 : Beefcake/Evil Natural Water/Rover/Vaccineman. Superalloy Darkshine- Seems to be the pinnacle of physical might in the series without breaking your limiter. Defeated a bunch of A class heroes without realizing they were there. Lord Boros / Awakened Garou - only surpassed by Saitama himself, each of them is capable of annihilating every and any one in the OPM world, heroes and monsters alike. Contents1 One-punch Man the Strongest Tier List Overview2 One-punch Man the Strongest […] User account menu. Shrugged off Bang and Bomb's ultimate attack, hits from Garou, and even survived an attack from Saitama. ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest, officially authorized by Shueisha, is a mobile game developed for 2 years with official authorization! Destroyed a S class level fighter and toyed with a Dragon, catching his full powered attacks with only two fingers, and parried all his blows without even looking. (3) The Japanese raw, before the English translation has come out. I have nothing to add, but I'd just like to say that this is the kinda thread I like seeing!! Forced Darkshine to go all out in the virtual genocide simulator. . Possibly bad match up for a lot of S class heroes. "When humanity is in peril he will come" All we have are statements and hype but I think that's all we really need. Bang- The greatest martial artist in the world. Also took on multiple S class heroes. Metal knight, in terms of usefulness, robots can do more than one superhuman, no matter how strong they are. I'll only cover the confirmed ones, like how blast was able to take out elder centipede. These are the good ones with great performance in all sorts of battle modes – OPM The Strongest Tier List. One Punch Man The Strongest Tier List (A-Tier): – Characters in this One Punch Man The Strongest tier list are average or situational; setting them up in the team wisely will make a great difference. Genos considered him to be the strongest thing he had ever faced. Genos considered him to be the strongest thing he had ever faced. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the OnePunchMan community. Flashy Flash- The only hero that even remotely impressed Garou. Posted by 4 months ago. Smashed Garou and forced him to evolve further, even when he had previously survived a beating from Orochi. Capable of tearing apart any monster below AG / Boros. One Punch Man is the superhero franchise which exists in the universe where people get their power by doing certain tasks in hard passion. Tatsumaki- She's called the hero association's secret weapon. Golden Sperm / Orochi - the two top tier monsters of the MA. Could restrain Awakened Garou while nerfed and even made Saitama's muscles twitch. One Punch Man is the superhero franchise which exists in the universe where people get their power by doing certain tasks in hard passion. Golden Sperm- The most powerful monster in the webcomic outside of Boros and Garou. When did Rover take a punch from Saitama? Here is a list featuring the 5 strongest Heroes and Villains in One-Punch Man! No plain shots from the manga/anime/webcomic. Carnage Kabuto- The result of decades of research on evolution. Orochi / Golden Sperm - goes to whoever didn't take the fifth place. Metal Knight (Composite) About a 100 battle ready robots and Boros's ship. RELATED: One-Punch Man Reveals the Monster Apocalypse's Mastermind *Updated on 5/12/2020, by Richard Keller: Since his 2009 introduction, One Punch Man has become one of the more popular animes to reach America's shores. I think Arthayance gave the best answer. Flashy Flash - unparalleled speed, defeated two Dragon level ninjas in a single attack. Tier List. One Punch Man The Strongest Man Tier List evaluation is based on the following criteria: PvP, PvE, and miscellaneous content usability. Close. r/OnePunchMan: Hello there! Overgrown Rover- The tankiest monster we've seen so far. List is based on my experience during Alpha test and Taiwan Server; Some of the SSR characters may not be release yet; SR characters that are not in this list are not worth training; As materials are rare, focus on training your first 6 characters first, you can train others after you unlock the “rollback” function. Somewhat made Saitama excited to fight him. Soloed two dragon levels. Somewhat made Saitama excited to fight him. Vaccine Man - can summon endless orbs that cause massive destruction. r/OnePunchMan: Hello there! Most likely GS as Murata said Orochi has superior techniques. It's looking very like he'll fight Tatsumaki and will be the one to cripple her in the upcoming battle.