Mom2’s pancakes hold a very dear place in my heart. These pancakes contain a spiral of blackberry sauce, making a neat feature of the blackberries. Almost 400 recipes and I am JUST NOW sharing a pancake recipe. This can be useful if the blackberries are overripe and falling apart. Advertisement - … This easy 15-minute blackberry compote sauce can be made with fresh or frozen blackberries and is perfect for topping waffles, French toast, pancakes, or ice cream. May 14, 2012 These yummy pancakes are a cross between regular and cornmeal, and the easy-to-make blackberry syrup gives them a yummy edge. 1 cup frozen or fresh blackberries 1 tbsp chia seeds 1 tbsp rice syrup. Cover, and place in freezer 30 minutes. The airy texture and fresh fruit flavor of these pancakes made them seem a lighter breakfast than most pancakes, which usually make me want to go back to bed. No butter, syrup or whipped cream required. By Ree Drummond. Add the 2 1/4 cups blackberries, the sugar, maple syrup and vanilla. Place the blackberries and sugar into a heavy-based medium saucepan. When ready to eat, thaw in microwave 2 to 3 minutes. Apr 5, 2016 - Blintz Pancakes with Blackberry Sauce - Simple blini recipe filled with sweet creamy ricotta filling, topped with fresh blackberry sauce. The blackberry sauce was a natural compliment to these waffles since the flavor pairs so well with lemon. How to make banana oatmeal pancakes. After 30 minutes, transfer to plastic freezer bag, and freeze. Pancakes have forever been one of my most favorite foods, not just breakfast foods, but of all foods. Bring to the boil. To freeze pancakes, place on waxed or parchment paper-lined cookie sheet. In 2-quart saucepan, beat cold water and cornstarch with whisk until cornstarch is dissolved. For shame Michelle, for shame. Cornmeal Pancakes with Blackberry Syrup. The lovely cornmeal color is the icing on the cake. Homemade Blackberry Sauce for Pancakes. 1. Make the blackberry sauce first. To make these banana oat pancakes start by mashing 1 banana with a fork then mix in 2 cracked eggs in a med sized bowl. Blackberry Sour Cream Pancakes ~ Fluffy pancakes made with sour cream and blackberry sauce.