I just barely made it past the beginning of the lake before having to turn back,in both sides. Rampart Reservoir Trail is a 21.2 kilometer heavily trafficked loop trail located near Woodland Park, Colorado that features a lake and is rated as moderate. Where the water is as blue as the Colorado sky! All Trails says we went 12 miles, Fitbit has me just under 14. Plan accordingly. 1. From its inception the reservoir was intended to be a recreational area for the surrounding region. Next time I’ll plan better and go all the way. Trail was clear in most parts with exception of 2 downed trees. No severe ups and downs just a long zigzag pathway around the reservoir. Watching the sun rise above the reservoir is well worth the effort it will take to get this point at "O-dark-thirty.". From this vantage you can see the dam at the far east end of the lake, 1.5 miles distant. Overall a beautiful, fun trail! You will not experience a significant elevation gain at any one point, but because the lake was formed where 12 different streams flowed into West Monument Creek, you will climb at least a dozen different ridges as you work your way around the lake. Rampart Reservoir via Rainbow Gulch Trail, Green Mountain Falls (Crystal Falls Trail), Mt. Beautiful trail. It is a loop trail that traverses Rampart Reservoirs shoreline. I love this trail! I got 12.9 miles but I took small detours here and there to get a closer look at water. The trail from the trailhead to the lake, around the lake, and back is approximately 16 miles long. Drinking water is available at promontory picnic are during the summer. AllTrails tried to send me down to the trailhead by the dam. Very technical in many areas and lots of loose sand. Lots of snow - micro spikes and trekking poles were very helpful! Nice trail but I would say this is not stroller friendly. A few hikers/bikers, plenty of fishing and kayaking, but everyone was well spread out. HA Fun! Unique rocks. Use the Rainbow Gulch route. 3. This area is known as the Rampart Range Motorized Recreation Area. The trail is well kept... a little gravelly. Great balance of sun and shade during our hike. We went a mile and a half up the one that was on the right going up from the parking lot, which was very lovely, gorgeous, nobody there, saw 2 deer cross our path, and I do actually highly recommend taking that route! I parked right before dam and started the trail there. I’m a flat lander from Oklahoma and we found and hiked to lake and back last year (2019) with my four kids ages 3.5 to 9 and they all made it to lake for lunch and back. It feels so long because there’s no point in particular that stands out. Anyways, you can park at the gate and walk. We went prepared with snacks and hydration, taking a few breaks along the hike to stop and rest. Note: As of May 2020, the dam parking area is closed. Foot, horse, mountain bike, and cross country ski trail. That made for private access and I didn’t meet a single person on trail till I hit the access road trail back up to car after completing the loop. The stream along the access road in was great. If you’re prepared, it’s worth it. Some burn areas but the sun shines on the north part of the lake and its very nice. I look forward to coming back in future years and hiking the full trail with my whole family! Dewey, Bratton, Catamount, and Thomas Trail Loop [CLOSED / PRIVATE PROPERTY], Horseshoe Trail [CLOSED / PRIVATE PROPERTY], Horseshoe Trail, Catamount Falls Trail and North Catamount Reservoir [PRIVATE PROPERTY]. This trail was beautiful, utterly spectacular. 4. Each time you round a corner another facet of its grandeur opens up before you. Overall great hike, nothing difficult about the hike except the distance and constantly stopping for mountain bikers- Don't get me wrong, i have rode this trail in the past and learned my lesson to never ride it again on the weekend! If you take a dog, be especially aware of bikers; the path is not wide. Only saw one set of older footprints most of the way around the lake and didn’t see any other hikers. The trail hugs the lake most of the way so regular water views make for some great stopping spots for taking in the serenity of the trail. It was like walking through a Google photo all day. Gorgeous views and scenery. Gradual uphill and downhill throughout with a lot of shade. It is one of the favorite fishing, hiking, biking, and picnicking areas in the region. If you'd like a day at the lake in Central Colorado, this is the place to go. It is a 6ish hour trail all the way around. I kept to the left when you get down to lake and did the trail clockwise. Hiked about 3 miles in and backtracked to beginning. Incredibly challenging ride. 1. Clearly marked, varying degree of trails. Plenty of parking here usually, because most people who are going to the Reservoir will park at the boat ramp. I was amazed by the views, I’ve lived in Colorado Springs for many years and didn’t realize we had such beautiful views with water, lol. Great day hike...water was crystal clear!! It was a great ride! This easy trail follows the Reservoirs shoreline providing opportunities for fishing access, picnicking and enjoying the beauty of the area. Well, we went into this thinking 10.8 miles would be a challenge. We started our hike at 9:50am and it took us 5 hours to complete the 13.9 miles. Otherwise, the trail is NOT 10 miles. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Lots of trees and places to stop and picnic. The trail is mostly smooth dirt or loose crushed rock with short gains and losses in elevation as you traverse in and out of the myriad fingers of the reservoir. Through the gap you can almost see the city. All in all, I love this loop trail. Turn right at the McDonalds on Baldwin Rd in Woodland Park (This is a stoplight and the road "Y"s off to the right). Awesome views of the lake and Pike's Peak. Motorized vehicles are prohibited. And if you drive over the dam you gotta leave by 5pm. I would caution anyone who isn’t the most avid mountain biker from attempting this on a bicycle. I vowed to bring my MTB back this year (2020) and made it around the whole reservoir.