Cultivar: ’Royal burgundy’. Spread: 8m. The Royal Burgundy Cherry is somewhat similar to the Kwanzan in the looks department; the main difference is that it has dark purple foliage. Prunus serrulata 'Royal Burgundy'. Perfect for Landscape Color Contrast. Rounded to horizontal, deciduous tree with beautiful, coppery-red, glossy, peeling bark. We're almost positive the saying "pretty in pink" comes from someone marveling at the beauty that is the Royal Burgundy Flowering Cherry tree (Prunus serrulata 'Royal Burgundy'). The Royal Burgundy Cherry also seems to have a less aggressive root system and less tendency to develop the large surface roots we sometimes see on … Royal Burgundy Cherry. The beautiful new hybrid Japanese Cherry, Royal Burgundy, is much sought after for its deep rich red foliage all summer, which turns fiery bronze in autumn. Genus: Prunus. ‘Royal Burgundy’ has a habit similar to ‘Kanzan’, with reddish purple foliage and deeper pink flowers. The Royal Burgundy is a dwarf variety and it doesn’t grow as quickly as the Kwanzan. Height: 10m. Soil type: Any reasonable soil. Grown for its coloring more so than its berries, this tree's character is sure to stand out in anyone's garden and bring a splash of intensity to … Similar in form to a kwanzan, it appears to grow at a slower rate. This Cherry doesn’t need pruning at all, except to trim an occasional errant … Pollinator Friendly. Prunus Royal Burgundy: Common Name: Japanese flowering cherry. Few ornamental cherry varieties do well in the Pacific Northwest, but the Royal Burgundy flowering cherry may be an exception. Deciduous tree, 20 ft [6 m] tall with a 15 ft (4.5 m) spread, slightly slower growing than 'Kanzan' of which it is a sport (mutation). Exposure: Full sun. Brilliant Burgundy Colored Leaves.