On May 23, 2011, rcmartin from Hanover, PA (Zone 6a) wrote: I am very satisfied with the knock out roses. Maybe they would have under better conditions. t this essential part of their care. The one that I am being amazed by is my double pink knockout!! Under ordinary conditions, it does well without fungicide sprays or deadheading or fertilizing. I'm heartbroken over the loss of these plants, but out only option was to dig them up and burn them. Bloom: Cherry-red, orange-red, orange-red blend. If you are new to gardening and want to try rose shrubs, plant Knock Out--you won't regret it. Had to spray more than once for black spot in summer. I was very happy with it until now. I intend to try other hardy shrub roses elsewhere but for lasting season-long color, vigor, ease of care and beauty where you can't fuss with them all the time, they can't be beat! I'm pretty new to gardening, even more so to roses, so this has been a pretty satisfying experience for me. They flower abundantly all summer! Plant them individually among shrubs, annuals and perennials in mixed beds and borders. care about , that would bloom reliably and dependably. On Jun 25, 2007, Meig from Timnath, CO (Zone 5b) wrote: I love the color of these roses. I have them in an exposed site with no winter protection and they came back in better condition than roses in a protected spot with protection. Shrub roses are NOT your Grandmother's roses. Use sharp bypass pruners rather than anvil pruners. I use Bayer 2 in 1 Rose food, with fertilizer and systemic insectide. Group 3 includes China roses and continuous-blooming modern shrub roses, such as the Knock Out rose family. Group 1 shrub roses include include Gallica roses, Father Hugo roses, musk roses, and Scotch or Burnet roses. SUN OR PART SHADE It is likely planted at your local Mcdonalds in large masses. I hope as they establish more they will get more hardy. This rose is a source of constant color from early spring to late fall. I started to dig it out and found one small area of green . Mine is already in flower. On May 22, 2011, BUFFY690 from Prosperity, SC (Zone 7b) wrote: I have two pink doubles and they are blooming like crazy, although they haven't gained any size, I think I am going to loosen the soil and add some organic fertilizer and see if I can give the whole plant a boost. Jonathan Landsman is a professional horticulturist and former city planner for the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation. I had to transplant several in August. Calling it "yellow" has been a misnomer for me. Could this effect the way it is growing? After 1-year , the plant on the patio was thriving in its pot ( still after 2-3 years ). They are still full of buds. Low Maintenance Waste of space. It is nearly a no-brainer shrub that is perfect for those who have difficulty keeping plants alive and thriving. Other shrub roses demonstrate a low-growing habit that hugs the ground. I have planted 2 double pinks and 2 double reds. Drought resistant. Originally, after a very wet winter two plants' leaves showed yellowing with brown edges and stunted growth. Roses for Everyday. My location is suburban north/Houston. The original Knock Out® Rose was introduced 20 years ago and forever changed the way we think about roses. The summer months don't seem to affect this plant neither. After some research, we discovered our knockout roses had become infected with Rose Rosette Disease. looks nice For best performance, we recommend cutting them back every year in early spring after the last threat of frost has passed. © 2020 Monrovia Nursery Company. It is north of a very large hedge.Blooms like crazy. I am not happy, though, about the fading of the flowers on this variety. In the spring, remove the oldest third of the canes, and reduce the length of any remaining long or droopy canes to create a pleasing shape.