But I also had this question, but learned the hard way that as the SCOBY grows, it ferments the tea much quicker (which makes sense if you think about it). I was given one and I forgot all about it…it sat in a mason jar for about six months…what can I do with it now? I have done different berries, elderberry syrup, and pineapple/tumeric! When I first heard about them 13+ years ago, I wasn't sure what to think or where to find information. I have plenty SCOBIs. Take out the excess. This is not just the case with humans, but for SCOBYs as well. (UPDATE) And while this SCOBY will create a STRONG brew, it’s ok for your SCOBY to be that thick. Should I add sweet tea before leaving or just let it rest in brewed starter? It is a cellulose disc that makes the fermentation process happen turning your sweet tea into kombucha. You want a pure tea. https://jodimckenna.com/continuous-brew-kombucha/, Here is the tutorial on how to grow your own SCOBY!! I have been brewing in 2 gal batches for the past few months and have just been throwing the new scoby in with the old ones for every new batch I make. I certainly do! SCOBY leather shoes do require tanning and waterproofing treatment to increase their durability especially in wet conditions. Here at Grow You Pantry we grow our own SCOBYs! I have a nice hotel going that I rarely harvest from. I often let mine go a little too long and then have to suffer through the sour. Home brew kombucha is made with just three ingredients. Nothing fancy. The diameter of the SCOBY should be similar to the diameter of your brewing vessel. Thanks for your answer. Living in Ellwood City, PA 2. Is it still active? Do use your regular scoby or a new one? Cookies help us deliver our Services. These can then be used to start a new kombucha brew or to pass on to a friend.). It will change the flavor. However, if I think that the kombucha is too strong for my taste buds, I won’t take the brew out until AFTER I have added the new sweet tea. Great tip about not taking some until you’ve added the new batch. My last couple batches haven't been fermenting properly and I'm wondering if it's possible that I have too much scoby in the batch. However, the problem could also be that it is starting to get slightly cooler as fall approaches in Southern California. Headaches are another possible adverse side effect of drinking too much kombucha. I plan to seal it closed. She blogs about fermentation, whole foods, homeschooling, essential oils, home-birthing, and gardening. But here is the new blog post on how I do Continuous Brew kombucha! Often the old scoby will just sink and a new one form across the top of the brew. I pull the lower part of the scoby off when it starts taking up too much space in the container. Oh, that reminds me to go and recirculate mine. I have shied away from flavoring our drinks! Basically, your SCOBY ate all of the sugar up!!!!! Content to just brew more babies (the sweet term referring to the growth that kombucha scobies produce or slough off over time. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published, 539 W. Commerce St #1222, Dallas TX 75208, Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device, Once the SCOBY achieves the desired size its harvested and treated just like traditional textile leather, this is followed by the drying process before being molded into shape. IF you haven’t checked out my NEW method of Continuous Brew Kombucha — head on over to that blog post now! Never freeze or refrigerate a kombucha SCOBY. Do I throw it away? #2 – Do Not Use A SCOBY As Ant Bait. The bacteria and yeast that make up a kombucha mother are sensitive to both excess heat and excess cold. 1) Aerobic (open to the air). This produced the same, great product I was creating on the 7-day first fermentation cycle. However, if I think that the kombucha is too strong for my taste buds, I won’t take the brew out until AFTER I have added the new sweet tea. save hide report. I heard too much SCOBY can turn the Kombucha sour too quickly, but transferring the mix to another container also has some risk of contamination I guess. There are directions on the internet. How did it survive while you were gone? .. I’d have to say fresh apple,cinnamon and cloves was good, but pomegranate was delicious! Good opportunity to make even more at once I guess! I’m so sorry I am just answering this. Yes! What did I do wrong? I've got you covered. best. Just remember it's not just sharing but also preparing that is caring, so make sure you get an Everything but the SCOBY kit before you get a SCOBY from a friend or family. If the brew has been fermenting for a while and the SCOBY is still very thin, it could be that your house is very cool. But most often if you allow the brew to ferment a few more days it will get thicker and the brew will get less sweet. Yes, we think the fridge is too cold for a SCOBY. Nothing!!! Got a great fizz with that one! Thanks…. Kombucha is a fermented, fizzy, tea-based drink made using a combination of bacteria and yeast. The size of your SCOBY matters. I got another liter jar today and split up the original in two. Enter the stages of die-off and I’m going to explain this really simply (mainly because it’s the only way I myself can understand it): because the kombucha had so much good bacteria, it killed lots of bad bacteria in my gut. Hi Priscilla, Reply. Do you know of anyone in the Crockett Texas area that I could get a starting scoby from. I have a NEW blog post coming on this very subject!!! I did that about a year ago and now we are using the continuous brew system! Creating a continuous brew of kombucha really is easy. That is totally normal and common. Growing a SCOBY from Commercial. If you didn’t find a scoby it’s pretty easy to grow one. I create my sweet tea the same as before. That is why we think the quality of your sugar, tea, and SCOBY really matter. When favouring with fruit after the brewing time,how much for a 1lt bottle of fruit do you use and do you take the fruit out before putting in the fridge. More is not always better. Boil filtered water. Our SCOBYs are packaged right before they ship, which means they spend all their time in an ideal environment until we send them to you (they will never sit in a warehouse.). Just make sure that it doesn’t have extra things added to the tea. This is much more important than the SCOBY. share. I started my own Scoby, by using the very last bit of a store bought Kombucha -Syergy Ginger Berry, I believe was the flavor. And a gallon is four times what I'm making! SCOBY leather can be used to craft wallets and handbags as well. The SCOBY leather should be dyed the desired color before drying. All those flavors!!! Try about 1/4 cup at a time. Simmer for 10 minutes. After a week some floaties started on the top. In response to your comment, I wouldn’t add any sweet tea during the first fermentation. April 25, 2020 at 4:45 pm. Get one of the Kombucha drinks (I like GTS) and just add it to the tea. What changes in fermentation are you seeing? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.