I'd imagine in this scenario that reaction time is the same for both of them in their normal state of mind. Goku doesn't need to react at all while his enemies do. No longer holds up. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Thanks to Torquasm-Vo. Is that Dragon Ball characters have already shown resistance to Kenshiro's technique. [ Mii: Hales \ IGN: Xanxus ] [ FC: 0447 5921 9046 / Safari: Grass: Sawsbuck, Pansage, Quilladin ]. In addition to them, the new Rebirth issues are undoubtedly impressive. And if goku catches Kenshiro's fist, then goku's fingers would explode (Gōkin Bundan Kyaku). FYI, Kefla's beam cut Goku's hair meaning his kai barrier can be forced through, with equal stats Ken can punch threw it. @thebeardofzues: Lmfao prove Kenshiro can pummel through the Ki Barrier. Torquasm-Vo is a mental martial art that fights off mind-dominations and illusions and fights back. Torquasm Vo is a purely mental martial art that allows two practitioners, or a practitioner and a telepath, to take their battle to a mental plane, waging psychic warfare against one another. Wish me luck ;-; Hope cured him of the techno organic virus, That's not relevant since our Base key considers him having Techno-Organic Virus lol. Press J to jump to the feed. Like this. Musou Tensei= Ultra instinct+Intangibility+Using fallen rivals techniques. Superman can also phase like Flash, if not as good as him. Superman reached Earth before the attack could do any real damage. Equal stats. The hokuto shinken in art focused into channeling one's energy in a single blow and striking into the 708 vital points of the opponent. Well that's not exactly the case, since the ultra instinct only give goku the ability to dodge without thinking. If he cant, inconclusive because nobody cant hurt the other. Notify me about new: ... Superman already has it. If this was an all out battle with no restrictions,goku would obliterate the verse with a pinky finger using god knows percent of his power. Cable mindhaxes (Low 1-C mindhax vs. Planetary), transmutes, tk-crush, teleports away from that bullshit forcefield crush, and does literally anything. It's not like using the Kaio-Ken where he actually amplifies his reaction speed. Also, kenshiro can use the musou tensei to send his spirit fighting goku, just like he did with kaioh. After that happens. Torquasm Vo is a purely mental martial art that allows two practitioners, or a practitioner and a telepath, to take their battle to a mental plane, waging psychic warfare against one another. Tsar Bomba can go up to 100 megatons. It can reach a microscopic level and can pierce through something like a laser needle. In Justice League: Our Worlds at War, Superman spends just 15 minutes in the sun and then moved planets effortlessly. That being said, it wouldn't be as big of an advantage on an equal stats fight as people make it out to be. Something has to go in Goku's box. Forum Posts. I'd say that it's because Kryptonians are latent psychics that they can do this, but Lois Lane practiced Torquasm Rao as well, IIRC. Kenshiro won't be able to adapt to Goku's style. Ken can't touch him and he wouldn't know what hit him. Furthermore before his death, the most noteworthy thing he was able to receive with his telepathic abilities were future premonitions, which came at random. Other powers include super breath and arctic breath. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. After that happens. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Goku doesn't need to react to begin moving, but his body is still moving at the same speed. However, it drains his powers when he increases the temperature or intensity. All someone has to do is prove that Kenshiro's pressure points wont work on Goku. Also Kefla was stated to have more raw power than Ultra Instinct Goku during that point in time. Kenshiro cannot possibly win. Until DC makes more comics featuring Torquasm Rao and Torquasm Vo. The first points effected will be on Goku's hands. I'd argue Ultra Instinct isn't worthless. DC Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Superman has a hearing ability that is God-level, and he also possesses speed that also has no match. Wiki Points. If Kenshiro's pressure point strikes actually work. It’s also the source of all DC metahuman’s power. We use a [Watsonian point of view](http://fanlore.org/wiki/Watsonian_vs._Doylist), versus Doylist. Source wall is DC multi-universes boundary. Their reaction speed is equal. JavaScript is disabled. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. #respecthekutoshinken. Especially one to the head. An ancient Kryptonian meditation technique. Follow 1831. "Pressure points". doesn't his body treat bullets like a mosquito bite? He defeated high IQ villains like Lex Luthor and Brainiac, so that proves too that he’s pretty smart. And no, Dragon ball characters doesn't have internal damage resistance, what buu did was just entering th body of vegito. Makes them able to prevent others from manipulating their minds and allows them to fight on the astral plane. @metaljimmor: That makes alot more sense, equalizing base. Arguably the most popular superhero, Superman is considered to be the first superhero! Stats equalized? The new 52 Superman was seen lifting a weight of 5.972 sextillion metric tons, which is the weight of earth! So Superman with these two mental forms of martial arts was stated to be too powerful for Dominus (A lord of Chaos) to mentally attack him. How does Goku when he facing someone who's basically everything he is but better. Ultra Instinct is what will allow him to keep it up while making it impossible for Kenshiro to beat him in a H2H fight without crippling Goku's ability to fight. Is likely cable can Hack Booster and just kill Booster, but i dont know. It comes from him being comparable to other Omega-Level Telepaths, who are superior to Moondragon and Co, which are = to Umar, Low 1-Cs. @mee09: With stats equal that means the barriers would be on Ken's level, Ken has more hax than Goku who just has UI. Superman can see things that are at the subatomic level and things that move at light’s speed. There is also a chance that its Superman’s telekinetic ability that lets Superman knows if someone is calling him. But, the main factor that will lead kenshiro to victory is his precognition, he can predict goku's moves and counter them. Cable takes this. Bradley said its strange that they would even need it, but one must remember, without the Yellow Sun Kryptonians are just humans x 10, with far superior intellect. 1 0. 213 comments. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Torquasm-Rao is like Kryptonian tai chi. He also has an electromagnetic spectrum vision, which lets him see a person’s aura. Goku: No!! It’s important to understand that Superman’s power has no limits.