When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Prime: Yes. Another activity that we can do on the Eidolon plains of ‘Warframe’ is mining. She is a ranger-themed and universal frame in the game. Furthermore, she mainly concentrates on the Viral and Corrosive damage in the end-game. Chroma is exceptionally versatile thanks to his, passive alignment that alters his functionality in regards to the cosmetic shade. However, Octavia usually shines due to her infinite invisibility skill which can be shared with the whole team, meaning all four of you in a squad can be invisible thanks to Octavia. She is the best gunslinger in the game. Said ultimate primes enemies a damage debuff – that is to say any damage they take is multiplied. His signature Iron Skin ability will protect you while you learn the ropes of Warframe, while his ultimate, Rhino Stomp, can clean up low-level missions once you do know what you’re doing. With the rise of the Eidolon map and the difficulty with getting this Warframe. One of the three starter Warframes, she has been buffed overtime to make her more viable within the game. There are 6 heroes in the low tier of warframe out of which 2 are primes and 4 are not. Specialization: A stealthy, indirect crowd controller useful in most situations. Tier: High He’s almost exclusively used for his skill Desecrate, which causes enemy corpses to drop loot a second time. Limbo has only one weakness and that's Nullifiers which cancel out other warframes' skills. Banshee is a sonically themed Warframe with a very unique skill. Warframe's first community-powered tier list, just click to cast your vote! You could also stun foes and devastate them using AoE ultimate. Octavia is a jack-of-all-trades warframe and is perhaps the most overpowered in the game right now. BONEWIDOW. Some good damage buffs and debuffs around Valkyr’s kit out nicely. And that the game is unlocking things little by little …. Saryn is the over-powered Warframe build who has the ability to disintegrate everything. Specialization: Divine damage support the AoE killer.Weaknesses: Acting on rhythm can be tricky in the heat of battle.Tier: TopPrime: No Health  100 Shield 125Armor  75 Energy 150. He’s a heavy damage dealer with solid crowd control that opens enemies up to melee finishers and stealth damage bonuses. The problem is that so many other Warframes offer total crowd control by blinding, reliably disarming, stunning, or just plain killing. If Rhino is the tank among tanks then Trinity is the support among supports. The difference is that Nidus needs extremely lengthy missions to reach his full potential. Further, he can shine even in bad teams. She is an infinite energy source in the game, incredibly making it easy for the other players to spam the most of their ultimate abilities. And it is not an activity without utility since from the different types of fish we can obtain materials if we fillet them, being one of them the fish oil, necessary for the manufacture of Archwings, the wings with which we can fly over the plains in the coolest way. This question may arise to most of the beginners as there are so many to choose from. Expensive to craft and extremely annoying to farm.Tier: HighPrime: No Health:  100Shield:  100Armor:  100Energy:  150. Ivara is an exceptionally versatile Warframe that offers utility, long-term invisibility, and massive damage. Specialization: Ranged damage with a smattering of utility. This warframe excels in tankiness, and you could leech your enemy’s health/armor using the parasitic link; any damage you receive gets reflected your enemy. Trinity can also link her health to an enemy, making them receive the damage that would have been inflicted on her. Specialization: Almost exclusively used for loot grinding and indirect support on endless missions. He has some okay crowd control and the ability to summon the dead to fight for him - yet the summoned allies slow down the rate at which enemies spawn, conflicting with his loot farming specialty. Sometimes you just want to enjoy your weapons and not overshadow them with your warframe's killing skills. She doesn’t offer much else besides some crowd control. One of the newer Warframes, he is primarily focused on survivability and that’s about it. tiers or primes non-primes. Where Equinox shines is with her final skill which makes enemies bleed to death and scales on a percentage calculation, making it viable for any enemy of any level. Her shooting skill is a solid offensive and doubles as crowd control ability.