The H1n's X/Y microphones capture high-quality stereo sound, supporting up to 24-bit audio at sampling rates of 44.1, 48, or 96 kHz in WAV and various MP3 formats. These include X/Y like the H1, as well as mid-side, 2-channel surround sound, and … The evolution in portable recording continues with the Zoom H1n. The Tascam DR-05x comes with a lot of features that entry level music and video creator will find useful. The Zoom H1N has two mics that builts in an XY configuration. It has 5 built-in microphones and so it has 4 recording modes. Here is our review of the Zoom H1n and see how it compares to the original H1. Previously, most users preferred having buttons on the side, but this has quickly changed. Moreover, it’s compatible with additional mic that you plug form any device such as a computer. It’s powerful enough for professional projects yet … So when they released a brand new digital recorder to replace an industry workhorse like the Zoom H1, it’s big news. Play. Read also: ZOOM H1N vs H4N. The Zoom H1n is a great handheld recorder, fits very well into your hand, the Tascam DR-05x does not – it’s bulky. The H1n has an audio gain dial located on the very top of the unit. The Zoom H2n adds in extra features that makes it better than the H1 for recording music performances and even sound for video. Zoom is one of the most trusted names in audio recording. The Evolution Continues - The ZOOM H1n from Zoom on Vimeo. The external mic will help this Zoom H1N to optimize the recording without bothering the recording process. Zoom Your Audio Anywhere and Everywhere. Designed for creators of all kinds, the H1n boasts built-in 90-degree X/Y stereo mics, advanced one-touch button controls, and distortion-free recording. The former device (H1n) has buttons located on the front whereas Zoom H1 has buttons on the sides. Here are Amazon links to the Tascam DR-05x and the Zoom H1n. The leading communications brand has discontinued the old H1 model, so if you’re looking for an entry-level digital recorder, the H1n will be your only option. The Zoom H1n is a direct replacement for the Zoom H1. And not easily interchangeable. Now, you can simply choose your preferred orientation. easy-to-carry-around field recorder that provides superb sound quality in a compact and lightweight form factor